Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow? Really? Yep!

Alan and I were sitting watching the TV one wet day, as had become the norm, it was also feeling extremely cold, I looked out and remember saying to Alan, "It looks like snow, but it can't be!" I guess the thought that it would snow here just had n't really entered my mind. Sure enough it was "the white stuff" and it started falling thick and fast. We have since heard that it also snowed here in 2007, and has snowed 20 times in the last 105 years..... a bit of usual trivia for you! At least it only lasted for a day, and looked rather beautiful. Poor Arthur did get a little upset, he ran around barking, wondering what on earth what happening on his beloved territory!

Snow covered Arthur

Our pool area

Gorgeous view

No sun brings another worry!

Santa unfortunately had a little set back! Alan went to check on him one morning, and he came back and said he was very worried, he felt his back legs were very weak. I popped my wellies on over my jim jams and prepared myself as well as I could. In actual fact when I saw Santa I was n't too upset. We felt and still feel it is a Vitamin D deficiency. The poor little boy was actually strong apart from his back legs that had seemed to go bandy over night! He was bright, alert, trying to get away from us and feeding well too, so we did not actually feel he was ill. We have a "paste" that we got from the alpaca futurity that contains vitamin AD & E, so we gave him that straight away and even the following morning we felt we could see a slight improvement. So the good news is he is still doing really well! We now give all the alpacas the paste, especially as they seem to have taken up being indoor animals now, well if we would let them!

Santa, looking like he's try to soak up those rays!

Looking just adorable!

New Year!

January began with torrential rain, in fact it has been pretty much raining every day since I returned home from Brighton, and that was the end of November. We thought December and January were bad, but that was nothing to what we have experienced in February!

Well back to January:

Its awful because of course we can't wash any clothes, there is not ever enough solar to use the washing machine, as of course we are not on mains electricity, and even if I hand washed, we would never get things dry. Poor Alan is having to go out and turn the genny off in the dark about 12, or whenever we want to go to bed. We are mopping constantly, and everywhere is filthy dirty, and smelling damp. I can't wait to have a few days dry and be able to clean up, and have some clean clothes.  The poor alpacas are still in the stable, where we put them when little Santa was born, sometimes we shut them in there as there is a huge puddle outside it and we dont want Santa to sit in it, poor little thing! To be honest now the alpacas will not even come out, we have to entise them out with food, they are not silly!

It's Christmas!!!

Well we set the alarm for 8am Christmas day, when it is just getting light, and we put on our wet gear and walked down to the stable, I was so nervous of what we would see. There he was alive and well beside his mum, a weight was lifted from my mind, well for now! We checked on him on and off all day yesterday, Christmas Eve, and he seemed to be doing well, he is alert and seems to be feeding quite well now. Thank you God! We phoned Andres Christmas day morning and Alan had to go the surgery to get some antibiotics for Bermuda and the baby, and some anti inflammatories for Bermuda. Then the only other hiccup of the day was going indoors one time and finding blood on the wall and on the door, Miliko had chewed his stitches whilst we were out! We patched him up and phoned Andres again, he said not to worry, keep cleaning it, and if it does not stop "blooding" take him to the surgery and he would give him an injection to clot the blood a little!

After realising Miliko was ok, and our little Sunshine Santa was also ok, we enjoyed our Lidl chicken very much! I even had a glass of wine. Thank God both Santa and Miliko are both doing well.

Merry Christmas, especially from our dogs that allowed us to put hats on them :)


Carlos Blue

Sorry we have been offline!

Crikey I have so missed catching up online with all my friends. Our gorgeous dog Blue unfortunately was sick on our lap top YUK! She drinks water by the litre and sometimes she does a little belch and out it pops! We have a new laptop now, thank goodness, so I shall endeavour to get you up to date!