Monday, October 26, 2009

An extremely condensed JULY

Time has gone on and I remember the month of July with swelteringly hot weather averaging at 40 degrees, and as I said in the last blog, finalising the work here. We had a lovely visit from Alan's mum and other half Bryan, at the same time as our first paying guests. We have had some wonderful guests during our first year of holiday lets, and surprisly enough quite a few children too. We never really thought we had the facilities for children, however we have always said, not everyone wants to be on the coast. I guess having the alpacas, and the pool, gives us that little something extra!

I remember one particular day Alan came rushing in saying he thought one of the feral cats had caught a small rat!!! He then realised it was not a rat she was carrying about, but a tiny kitten, followed by another two. For a while we had six cats. We named the mum and dad Jim and Barb, there was a brother, from last years litter, Antony, and the three kittens, Baby David, R Denise and Twiggy! Twiggy was obviously the runt of the litter, the weaniest strangest looking kitten.

The first site of the kittens, the mum carried them to a barn

Mum, Barb with her kittens, whilst dad Jim sits on the wall

From L-R Baby David, Twiggy and R Denise

Little Twiggy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The work is finished!

With the help of Nigel our builder, and our poor old hands blistered from painting and more painting, we have more or less finished the renovation. It is a bit like the Severn bridge as in we could always being doing some work, or renovating another area, but for now we are done. Take a look at the Casita. I am sorry if I have published these photos before!


The Apartment

Outside Areas

Monday, October 5, 2009

JUNE - Antequera Feria

I had forgotten that nearer the beginning of the month, we spent a lovely day at the Antequera Feria supporting our good friends David and Di. It was their local feria, and Jane and Juli had kindly lent them some of there lovely alpacas for the weekend. It was in a beautiful setting, and obviously a beautiful day, well very hot actually! It was a very well organised feria with some beautiful animals, in fact we were next to the prize bulls, they were really quite awesome looking. It was rather fun watching them being loaded into their transporter, at the end of the weekend. For the first time in my life I saw an air display..... by helicopters!

Prize winning goat, look at his beard!

Flamenco display

Stunning little girl poses for me, in her traditional costume