Monday, September 30, 2013

An Evening at the Alcázar in Cordoba

Thank goodness the only evening we planned to have a late night, little Kaci decided she would allow herself to have a siesta.  She slept for a good two hours and was as bright as a button as we drove into Cordoba about 8pm, normally her bed time!  We had an excellent meal in the Jewish Quarters near the Mezquita then made our way to the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Spanish for "Castle of the Christian Monarchs")  for the 10pm show.  The castle is pretty interesting, personally I don't think it's the prettiest around though.  It was the music sound and light show we had planned to see.  Alan and I have seen it before and enjoyed immensely.  We knew my daughter Frankie would enjoy it, and hoped it would keep Kaci interested.  It's difficult to know if a 3 year old will be kept entertained!   

The good news was that it certainly did!  The first part is a bit of a history lesson, however with a projector screening it makes it more fun than just being lectured to. 

From there we walked through the little courtyard gardens down to the beautiful fountains and fabulous gardens.  The fountains dance to the music, and the colours are pretty spectacular.  Kaci being a dancer, like her mummy and nanny of course, loves to dance at any opportunity and she had a little dance alongside the fountains..... she even gained a small audience at one point.  Sadly I could get the camera on video quick enough to video her dancing.

My beautiful girls

Me with my gorgeous girls

She was an absolute star that night!  Let's hope we can do it again, sometime soon!

A little snippet of one of the fountains

My little dancer, but she needed some prompting this time!

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