Monday, January 7, 2013

The beautiful Kaci turns 3

Where has the time gone?  How can I be a grandmother?  In my mind I feel 21, ok let's say 31, give or take a few years, although I'm sure Alan will jump at the chance to remind me, I'm not!  I headed back to good ole Brighton, for my daughter Frankie's little girl's third birthday.  I was picked up at the airport by Mark my son, and his little beauty Maisie, who was having an afternoon nap.  Mark had a new (to him) car, a BMW sporty number, oh God!  As it is, the A23 is like a white knuckle ride for me.  I'm not used to traffic, well we  only get the odd car and tractor go by!  He's a sensible driver, but it's simply the vast quantity of cars, and why oh why do they have to overtake each other, there should be a law against that! 

Arrived in one piece, all but a little shakey, at my daughter and her boyfriends lovely new flat in Hove.  Had lovely cuddles with Maisie, and she managed to play with all Kaci's toys in secret.  Frankie was working, then went to pick up Kaci from nursery.  As they entered the flat I could hear "Nanny, Nanny!"  it melted my heart.  Kaci ran straight to me and gave me the biggest cuddle.... heaven!  Thank goodness for skype as the grandgirlies see me regularly, so I'm not so much of a stranger.

I could n't make many plans this trip back as I had a dental appointment, and there was a chance something absolutely horrendous was going to happen.  It did n't, it's going to happen in March.... yikes!  I'll fill you in then!  Bloody hell, I'm such a wuss with the dentist!

The first weekend was Kaci's birthday and party.  A fab time was had by all, well done Frankie.  Great to see so many family and friends there, including a first introduction of the gorgeous Toby and his mummy Kelly, who used to teach dancing with me.  I was very lucky in the fact that Mark had got most of November off work, due to shift's and holidays, so it was great to spend so much time with him and the beautiful Maisie Moo. 

The Birthday Girl
Party Time!
 My Gorgeous Girlies

I had a whole day with Maisie one day, when both Mark and her mummy, Callie were working.  She was a star and we had great fun on the beach together.  It was a beautiful sunny day and she said "Take my clothes off?"  Bless her heart!

It was an extremely exciting visit this time as I had two brand new, lovely squeaky clean babies to visit.  Two of my closest friends Wendy and Cathy, had just become nanny's for the first time, and obviously adoring their new role in life.  Baby Mia and baby Daisy were totally beautiful, and are both very lucky to have such wonderful parents, and grandparents.... sigh!  I can't wait for my March cuddles!

Mark, Frankie, myself and the girls had an afternoon at a local soft play area.  Great for us to all catch up and the girls had a great time.  Parents were allowed in to "assist" their children.  I think Mark enjoyed "assisting!" 

 Hmmm enjoying himself!

We had an invitation to Shelley's house for dinner one evening.  Shelley is Frankie's boyfriends mum.  I hope she wont mind me sharing this, but she is an extremely inspirational lady.  She sadly fell off a horse a few years ago and has been left paralysed.  Shelley is permanently in a wheelchair, however her house is always full of fun and laughter and she is a great lesson to us all.  When she invited us, I had n't realised she had also secretly invited Mark and Maisie, and she had cooked us all a delicious Christmas dinner, as of course we are not together at Christmas.  This really meant so much to me.  Thank you Shelley you truly are an inspiration!

Dinner at Grandma Shelleys

Towards the end of my stay I was lucky enough to watch Kaci in her ballet class.  At just 3 years old I was gobsmacked at how well she concentrated and she did n't look at me once!  One proud nanny!

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