Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cordoba Medieval Market

Every year in Cordoba they have a medieval market, great stalls, and great fun!  We even had the fab fortune to meet a lovely lady from Germany, who had been living in Seville for many years and she did spinning ...... no not the static bike, frantic exercise pain inducing type, but on a good old fashioned spinning wheel.  We had a good chat and exchanged email addresses and promised to be in touch with each other to chat about the spinning of our alpaca fleece.

Well the best well to feel the atmosphere of the medieval market is by photos........... Enjoy!

Cheese Stall

The beautiful Plaza de la Corredera, Cordoba 

The Witch Doctor!

Hmm yes that's a rat!

Barbeque Anyone?

Mmmmm Paella!

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Sandra Danby said...

I love Cordoba! Sandra