Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poorly Miliko

We were only aware that our little Miliko was poorly, when he was very sick one evening. Being as dogs are often sick, then run around like nothing has happened, we did not really worry too much about him, at first. The following morning however he got himself positioned under a chair and just would not come out. He would not eat or drink and was still being sick. A trip to our vet Andres was in order and he immediately blood tested him, the results were ready in 10 minutes and he was given some anti sickness medicine and antibiotics. The worrying thing was he was due to have his hip operation a week later. Within the next week Miliko went to the vet a couple more times and was blood tested each time. The worrying thing was as the poor little pup had literally arrived over, or under our fence one day. He had never had any vacinations. The decision was finally made to be patient, allow him to get completely better, then give him his vaccinations, and then arrange his operation after that. Poor little boy!

A poorly Miliko

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frankie's 21st Birthday

Obviously I made a trip back to Brighton for a lovely week for Frankie's 21st, what a wonderful time we had. I also saw quite a bit of Mark and Callie too. As the girls are both pregnant, it was all fairly low key, but still had a great time. On the day of Frankie's birthday poor Chris had to work, so we had a great girly day. We started off at the Pier, meeting up with our mad mate Micklos who was dj 'ing in the karaoke bar, then moved back down through the pier, gambling on the 2p machines onto the fish and chip shop. It was a lovely day and not too cold so we enjoyed it outside.

Frankie with our friend Micklos

Mmmmmm chippie time!

Unbeknown to Frankie, Chris had arranged for Frankie to have a 'Dior' make over, which was really done beautifully. Half way through it a lady came up to Frankie and asked her name, and then gave her one the most beautiful bouquets of flowers I have ever seen. Chris certainly was the hero of the day, and all the girls in Boots were clucking around him!

The next stop was a lovely family get together at the Thai Elephant. Poor Mark looked rather exhausted after doing a 36 hour shift!

Mark and Callie

I had arranged on the Sunday, a special girlie afternoon, and a party at the wonderful choccie wokiedoodah's. Callie was great at pretending to look interested in practically every shop in the Lanes, as we were running a little ahead of schedule, and the plan was that Frankie's friends would be in there before us. Frankie was very excited looking in the window of choccie wokie's and I said "Let's go in!" Frankie was adamant there was no point as there were no seats available.  We had however booked the boudoir, so we just needed to get her in there. Just at a great moment, some of Frankie's friends happen to look out and catch her eye! Frankie was just ecstatic at this and could not work out how these different friends from school, and the dance world would know each other and be waiting for someone together having a party. At last the penny clicked, and Frankie actually shed a few tears...... that was it, I was off! What a really lovely time we had, it was so lovely to catch up with friends again! The food was gorgeous, but next time, and yes I would love to do it again, I won't talk so much and eat more chocolate!

Frankie and her friends

Montoro's annual Feria

The second weekend in October is the annual feria, which causes huge excitement in town, with decorations and lights, and many people that have left the town come back to see family and friends and enjoy the festivities. We went along about 10pm at met up with our Spanish friends and ate together, then watched whilst their children enjoyed all the rides. At midnight we saw their great fire work display, we are rather getting into the Spanish way of life, and left about 1.30am, would you believe people were still arriving!

The bull ring 

I love the way the Spanish dads get involved

Play time for David and Jesus
Firework Time

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two mates for Rafa

Alan dashed out, running towards the paddock, one morning, muttering something ineligible! He had spotted Rafa having a very good attempt at mating with his mum, who two weeks previously had given birth to Galaxy. As Cassandra was at her most fertile, even though Rafa was young we could not risk him making her pregnant, therefore a quick trip to Gaucin was decided on, to see our friends Jane and Juli, and to chose a couple of boys to be mates with Rafa, who sadly could not be with his mum any more for the time being. We had a lovely time down there and chose two lovely boys!

Our two boys we chose are the greys

After visiting Gaucin we called in on our good friends Nigel and Ginny Cobb for a bite of lunch and a good old catch up! After us all having a nightmare time with our alpacas it was lovely to see some of their gorgeous new babies!

Ginny with two of her new babies

Thursday, December 24, 2009

First alpaca baby born here! - SEPTEMBER

There is a birthing photo, just to warn you if you are eating!

Our beautiful Cassandra was a first class mum, normally giving birth without too many problems, and then continues to seem to know exactly what to do. At around eleven months gestation we started setting our alarm and checking on her from early in the morning, every half hour or so.

One morning, about three days before her eleven and a half months were up, I happened to be chatting to Frankie online when Alan checked on Cassandra. He said he was going to have a closer look at her, as she was visiting the poo pile, but nothing was happening, which is a sign of labour. When Alan had a good look at her he noticed a definite swelling around her vaginal area. Oh my God today's the day! We were so very nervous as our vet is half an hour drive away but hoped if everything went 'text book' that we would not need him. As he does not drive it would have meant one of us shooting off to get him.

Our main concern was that the baby would not be the correct way round, two front feet and a head first.... please! YES YES YES, we are half way there, head and feet, a little cough from the baby as the head way hanging out, to help clear the airways! About ten minutes later during which Cassandra had a little trot around, I think mainly to try and find a peaceful area to give birth in, and a sit down, stand up or two, and then out he came! Our first beautiful, stunning baby born here at our farm! A day we will never forget! All the trials and tribulations of being an alpaca owner here in Spain, completely shoved to the back of our minds. We had watched a miracle, the miracle of birth. The little boy was chocolate brown, with a teddy bear face, I so wanted to cuddle. Within about half an hour he was up on his feet and feeding successfully from his very proud mum!
Wow what a day!

Great excitement in the paddock

The "family" gather round to see

Cassandra with the baby and his brother Rafa

Very proud mum and baby

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our new little friend

One morning in September, Alan and I were sitting having breakfast when we heard an unusual noise! Alan went out to investigate, he came back with a look on his face............ IT'S A PUPPY! A TINY PUPPY! I did not want to see him, we could not have anymore dogs, we have four, it is enough. I told Alan to try and put him outside, which he did, well he tried and tried, however he was very tiny and fitted through the tiniest gaps in our fences and gates. After about half an hour, I decided to give him some food and water, knowing full well there would be heart ache at the end of it! We enjoyed sitting watching this dear little puppy running around, and although he was nervous of us he was very inquistive also. It did not take long for us to be able to stroke him and pick him up!

Whilst he was running around like a little mad thing, I noticed something strange about his movements. It looked to us like he had a dislocated hip! We needed to seriously consider his future. A cute little puppy could be rehomed here in Spain, however a puppy needing surgery, therefore money spent on him, may not be quite so easy to rehome! We decided to take him to our vet and consider things from there. It was confirmed his hip was dislocated and that we should, if we were going to keep him, take him to the orthopaedic surgeon in Cordoba, that operated on Geri's knee a few months ago.

We decide pretty quickly that if he was to have a future he had to stay with us! We called him Miliko, after a Spanish clown. With his cute little face, huge ears and little limp it suits him just great. For the first couple of weeks he was with us, Miliko's best friends were the cats. We gradually integrated him with the dogs although he does like to have a little play with the cats when he can.

Our little Miliko
Miliko meets Barb

Arthurs joins me for a chill!

One beautiful sunny day, when the temperature had dropped sufficiently to enjoy it, I thought I would have relaxing read outside. I was promptly joined by the 'big boy' and I thought I would share some photos with you!