Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meeting with friends in El Torcal

It was almost a year since we, the member's of the Spanish alpaca group AEDA, that stands for Asociación España de Alpacas, had managed to get together, for one reason or another. At last we managed to set a date at meet up at our friends David and Di's house in one of the most stunning regions of Andalucia, the El Torcal National Park. Just a short time after we arrived Di informed us they had a baby donkey born two weeks previously. That was it, the vino was put on hold and we all immediatly trotted, excuse the pun, to see him, and what a little beauty!

Mum and baby donk, how lovely!

It was a beautiful day and surprisingly enough we managed to get through our meeting in pretty good time, thanks to Mr. Cobb keeping his eye on the clock! Allowing us to have a good old catch up with good friends, something we miss dearly. I do wish we could get together more often.

Fabulous view from the terrace

Mike with David and Di's beautiful cria

Nigel gets a "hello" kiss

What a stunning journey home

Monday, July 19, 2010

The official naming of kittens

Our kittens are a few months old now, and we could not decide on names for them. They were going to be called Wayne (Rooney), Frank (Lampard) and A.N.Other, probably Steve (Gerrard) however we decided to see how the English football team performed. We would now like to introduce the kittens and with names we decided on, you will of course notice they are not English names, at all, but of course Spanish!

Andres (Iniesta)

Fernando (Torres)

And Sergio (Ramos)

With his mum, Barb

Just a cute one of them all hiding together!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Spain, world cup winners!!!

Alan and I are both patriotic I would say, I especially love my home town of Brighton, and long for my visits there. The sight of the sea, brings a smile to my face! However we chose two and a half years ago to move here, to Spain, and although I miss my family and friends immensly, I do not regret that decision.

Sadly I did n't think we will ever experience the thrill of living in a country, that would win the world cup, and are very grateful to have a, sort of, second chance, whilst living here in Spain. We watched the semi final with our lovely new friends Kev and Sue, and their family in the park. We had a lovely evening together. The atmostphere in the park was wonderful. I should decribe the park really, it is a small park compared to those we have in Brighton, small grassy areas where dads and children are often are seen kicking a football to each other. It has a little "walkway" where the elderly walk along throughout the evening, meeting up with friends, a typical fountain in the middle, but also three bars in the park too. The bar we like to go to, also sells food, has a large tv screen and also shading and fans. A must when it can still be 40 degrees at 10pm. Our Spanish friends met us at half time, after David finished work too. When the final whistle went, the noise from the local teenagers in their cars was so exciting. They obviously all dashed to their cars, and drove around, taking all of about ten minutes to circle the town, waving flags excitedly out of the windows. How on earth would they be during the final?

Well final night arrived, and Kev and Sue sadly went back to the UK before the final, although they assured us they would be thinking of us. David said he would like us to go to the casino with his family to watch the game. The casino is actually a members club, not what we would think of as a casino. We met up with his family at his house, and waited whilst their little boys finished face painting their faces and got their scarfs etc, and the tension was almost unbearable. I was worried that with the "English's" luck at football, we could not possibly bring them any luck, and the minutes ticked by, I was dreading the thought of penalties. When the goal was scored for Spain aproximately two minutes before the end of extra time, it was pretty blooming close to feeling it was England. We had followed Spain, and of course knew a little about Real Madrid, and Barcelona footbal teams, from which many of the players play for regularly. Well I know a little, and Alan knows loads!

The final whistle was blown, there was much back slapping, shaking hands, hugging and kissing, and then pretty much the place emptied. As we left we saw why. Practically every bar was empty, the tiny streets of Montoro, this typically old fashioned town, had never seen such excitement, and the street were full. A journey to our friends which would have taken ten minutes to walk (but you don't when you have two small children and it's over 40 degrees) took us about forty five minutes to drive. Cars in front of us were being rocked, and stopped from moving forward until you played a tune on your horn to enable you to pass. Teenages were crammed into cars, many sitting on the roof waving flags and blowing their vuvuzelas. Often driving through tiny passages, with old ladies sitting oustside, enjoying the very slightly fresher air that the evening brought. As we passed the park we had watched the match in just a few days before, the park was heaving, with many people cooling down from their excitement, in the park fountain. I was very happy and excited, and I wanted to be in that fountain!

When Alan and I got home we were in time to watch the highlights on our English channel, it was great to understand the commentary and relive the excitement of the match and the fantastic presentation, and fun and frolics after. What a night!

David and Jesus get ready for a night they will never forget

Alan standing out a mile, in blue!

The big moment

Sadly our camera was playing up, and I could not take any photos outside, when it was dark!