Thursday, April 16, 2009

Geri's operation

Geri had ruptured her cruciate ligament two months ago. The vet did not want to operate on her immediately, as she is 10 years old and a little over weight (aren’t we all), and therefore we played a waiting game to see if the knee would repair sufficiently on its own. Unfortunately the knee did not heal as well as they hoped, so an operation was needed to give Geri the best chance of enjoying life again.

The day the decision was made, the vet immediately set to work and x rayed the knee and hip, monitored her heart and tested her blood, for which the results were known 15 minutes later! Our vet also described in great detail the three types of operation that could be used to fix Geri’s ligament and why he was using the specific technique that he was. The appointment was made and we took her back the following week. Our young vet that translates for us, has been with us all the way, so she changed her plans to be there for the operation, so we all, including Geri understood what was going on. 

The appointment was made for 10.00am. When she got in she was given an injection to relax her we waited and chatted for half an hour, to be certain this had taken effect. I then thought we would go…………. oh no! Alan went to check on the car, as we were parked right outside for ease with Geri, and waited in the car. I thought I would be following him soon after ………. er no! The young lady that translates told me in no uncertain terms that it would be far better, and less stressful for Geri if I was with her until she was asleep! 'What about me!' I am a coward! I did not want to see my little dog, that was brought home a tiny bundle go through any discomfort. It was not up for debate, I was staying and that was it!

Wow I actually felt quite honoured to be there, FOUR vets, and a vetinary nurse, fussed around her, and chatted to her in English and Spanish telling her to be 'tranquila'. Within a minute or so her tongue was out and she was asleep. They even asked if I would like to stay and watch the operation. No thanks! Thank goodness, I could run away now! Alan and I got toast and hot chocolate to cheer ourselves up, and we had to go back at 1 pm. We arrived back to be told to come back 15 minutes later. I thought that maybe she was just coming around, and they wanted to give her a little more time…. errrrr no! When I walked in, they were taking a rather large tube out of her mouth and her tongue was still out, basically they wanted me there as she woke up too! Again so very different from a trip to the vets in England.

The main vet who lead the operation telephoned our vet Andres to ask him to check Geri the following day, for swelling etc. This was also the day that Arthur’s stitches were coming out so it was all timed very well. Alan collected Andres who was very happy with Geri, he felt no swelling and so was happy with her, and Arthur was a big brave boy, so all was good there too. Carlos however felt rather left out and lay on the floor doing his party piece 'showing his willie' to the vet, which he used to do, when he was being bathed after his castration. Andres took the opportunity to describe using Carlos, the different techniques used to castrate a male dog. So everyone was happy!

Just home!

Trying to get about
Sunbathing with CarlosHaving a cuddle
The bandages are off
Sunbathing together again
Best friends!

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