Sunday, December 5, 2010

Argh it's all gone wrong!

When I went back to Brighton this time, Alans mum decided to come over a few days. It was great for her to have a break, from her busy schedule plus a bit of emotional support for Alan as, seriously, everytime I go back something goes wrong! Whilst I was away this time Alan had a) A litter of cats that seemed to just turn up, or were put under our fence. b) A local olive farmer asking Alan if he had seen his Romanians, which he had lost (his olive pickers that is) c) A group of men shouting for his attention as they were stuck in mud a couple of kilometres up the track, and they needed a tow! d) And our car battery died one evening. Ken, our good samaritan, fitted us with a new battery, and it seemed to be ok the following day! Nothing desperately terrible then, it all waited, luckily until I got back home!

Ok so I was back and cooing around the place talking about my beautiful granddaughters, and of course my kids too, and it all seemed to blooming go together! Alan decided to go out and play football one evening. He has been desperate to get back to it, but something always stops him. He just needs our friend to be with him for the first night, as of course it's so difficult with the language barrier. He was on his way up the track, excited and hopeful, bless him, when the phone went. It was David cancelling at the last minute, as he was ill. Whilst Alan took the call the car lights were dimming! He sadly turned the car around and drove back home. When safely at home, he turned off the engine, and tried to immediately turn it back on.... it was n't having any of it! The alternator had gone on the car, although luckily we were able to use it during the day! One of our genny's was n't working anyway, so it just left the second to stop working, which of course it did. No genorator mean no power unless it is sunny! Nope, none of that, just plenty of rain, plus our water pump also stopped working. This actually meant that we had water for about a week, but then it stopped! No genny to pump some more, so we had to fill water bottles from our water deposit to fill the toilet cisten, and use bottled water, heated in the kettle, phew luckily we were ok for calor gas, to heat the water for washing! Took me right back to the good old days, when mum said you had to have a strip wash!

So let me spell it out, we could only use the car during daylight! We had to order an alternator on ebay, and wait for it to be delivered to Spain. No water ....... thank the Lord for the bottled type. I would also lke to thank God for the invention of candles. It seriously was a hard couple of weeks.

Pat and Pedro our very good friends invited us over for lunch and a shower one day. Wow it was heaven, beautiful king prawns, clams artichokes and rice.................. PLUS a steaming hot shower, I wanted to sleep there....... no really! In fact maybe even move there!

No photos you will be pleased to know of us sobbing round the candles, so a few festive dogs to help cheer you up now!
Handsome Arthur

Beautiful Blue

Little needy CarlosOur Geri

Our little mad Miliko

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