Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's good to talk!

Well you may or may not know, Alan and I live a pretty secluded life here, in a beautiful part of inland Andalucia in Spain. Untouched completely by tourism, and there are very few English people around us. We, well I should really just speak for myself and say I love our life style here, if only I could afford to see the family a little more often, life would be pretty near perfect. Living here we chose not to be in an ex pat community, and although we have a handful of English friends, apart from meeting in the post office or in the local supermarket, for a catch up we don't very often get together. It's not that we are miserable buggers, we all chose to be here, living amongst the olive trees and Spanish farmers rather then in a built up area eg. Benidorm, or Torremolinos. If that is your choice, then that is great for you, however it is a very different life style to what we have!
I'm digressing as usual...... when we do get together with friends, it makes it all the more special. We had a double whammy recently when we met up with Kev and Sue who are moving here permanently later in the year, in the local hotel for a drink, then we introduced them to Pat and Pedro our other great friends, who live around half an hour away. They got on great, and Pedro told them if they needed any help he would always be there for them. Kev and Sue went back to their house to carry on with some work and we joined Pat and Pedro for lunch. It is wonderful to have some great friends, already here, and more moving out shortly. I can't wait!

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