Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovely walks with the big boy!

Before breakfast Arthur the extremely handsome, and also extremely large, Spanish Mastin and I enjoy a leisurely walk together. Just the two of us and my Mp3 player that was a gift from a dear friend. It prepares me for a good breakfast and the day ahead. Arthur is such an angel to walk on his own. Actually we used to walk the five dogs together but it was just such hard work. As crazy as it seems, it is easier to do three walks. It's not so much the walking that was the prolem, it was the high pitched squealing from Miliko that worked all the others up into a frenzie, plus he runs round grabbing their leads in his little mouth that only opens a fraction, due to an accident, before he "found " himself under our fence. I shall endeavor to add a video below that will explain my case!

A few mornings ago, we had not long left the house, and strolling up the track when I felt Arthur slightly cower, and started to growl. I knew it would n't be horses and he ignores them, so I was unsure as to what on earth could have scared him. Haha there in front of us was a large white sign nailed to a tree "Se Vende" a for sale sign and a phone number, bless him! Talk about a big scaredy cat! Once he realised there was no threat, and it was n't alive, he was happy to walk past it. Then just before we usually turn around we heard a little yapping! For half a second, the thoughts that went through my mind were... "Oh no, I'm not going to be able to hold him if he goes!" "If he catches it, will he eat it?" Once again he became at first rather nervous, as four dogs were close, three were very close, but the forth another mastine hid, typical behaviour it seems. Three little dogs including one that looked like a cross between a dachshund and a wirey coated terrier, and the other two were n't much bigger, basically told us it was their territory and we were n't welcome. Arthur looked at the other dogs, and as he cocked his head from side to side, I'm sure he was saying "Can't we be friends?" I guess the answer was a firm no, so we turned around and went home.... bless him!

Me with my big boy Arthur

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