Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beautiful Maisie's 1st birthday

I had yet another wonderful trip back to Brighton at the beginning of March to celebrate the beautiful Maisies's, Mark and Callie little stunner's, 1st birthday! Luckily for me Alan is happy to stay here whilst I get my fix of the family, including the gorgeous babies, a handful of close friends and just go back to the world I used to live in, just for ten days! The first night I stayed with Mark and Callie as Frankie was working until late, although she managed to visit quickly, share a huge hug, then off she dashed again. The following night Frankie and I were looking after Maisie, as Mark and Callie were going to wedding reception. The girls had great fun in the bath together, and settled down in their cots without too many tears. The following day was beautiful although a little nippy, so we wrapped them up nice and warm and all had fun in the park!

The morning after the girls sleep over
Fun in the park

I think it was the day before Maisie's birthday, that Kaci and Maisie went along to the fabulous Richard Lemon photography studios. Maisie was having the last of a portfolio collection photographed, and was allowed to bring someone with her, so Kaci was in her pretty dress too, all ready for the occasion. Now I know every grandmother worships the ground their babies walk on, but they really were so funny and adorable. Maisie was like a little model, with this little half smile, and even a slight stuck up air about her, as though she was a little professional, and Kaci just laughed the whole way though. I'm sure it made Richards job so easy... Richard Lemmon and I, in fact went to school together. I have n't seen him for blah blah number of years so it was lovely to have a little catch up. The night before, the tables were turned and Kaci and I had a sleep over at Mark and Callie's. Fun in the bath once again, and no tears this time.... lovely! Wednesday 9th March was Maisie's birthday and Mark and Callie were having an open house all day, I think they were all exhausted at the end of it. Maisie looked like a little beautiful princess and was happy to watch as slightly bigger cousin Kaci, helped out, by the assisting, if not taking over, in prezzie opening!

Bath time
Kaci loves to cuddle Maisie

Maisie looking beautiful on her 1st birthday
Maisie also had a little party at a play area in Brighon, the Saturday after, which was just ideal for the litle ones, with lots of play areas plus they had managed to borrow a tiny bouncy castle which was just perfect. Another great day! It is always great to catch up with friends, I wish I could see more, but I try hard to get the balance with being every waking hour with the family, but loving to catch up with good friends too. Luckily everyone seems to understand. Another wonderful trip!

Maisie is good enough to kiss / eat!

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