Thursday, October 6, 2011

The family arrive, well half of them!

I was so very excited for Frankie, Kaci and Jordan, Frankie's boyfriend, to come for a holiday. The weather was just about perfect, although possibly a few degrees cooler would have been even better. The decision was made that they would come up on the train, from Malaga to Cordoba as we have no air con in our car, as we thought it would be far more comfortable for them, and we met them there at the station. I waved excitedly when I saw them get off the train, and rushed around to the exit, that they would come up the travelator to. Kaci had obviously been prepped to say "Ola Nanny, I've missed you!" However when Frankie gave the cue and said to her "What are you going to say to nanny?" What came out was ICE CREAM PLEASE! Bless her, it did make me laugh!

I had such a lovely time, spending time with Kaci, and "Grandad Alan" and I took her out a couple of times on her own which was great. We had long walks up the track looking for "horsey's" and also over the dam of the reservoir, where we saw about 20 "horsey's", drinking from the lake and just soaking up the sun by the track. One was particularly friendly and Alan and I both managed to stroke him, we called him "Mr Tumble" after one of Kaci's favourite TV program.

Now my Frankie is not very brave when it comes to getting into the pool, even though it maybe 40 degrees outside, Frankie is, I am afraid to say a big wuss. It did take Kaci a few days to get in, but once we were all in together playing she absolutely loved it. When she was n't right in the pool she just loved sitting on the side with her little watering can and bucket playing with the water.

As the weather was so hot we did not go out very much. We did meet up with friends one day, and had tapas in town, and Kaci ran around outside playing football, with the boys, and we popped into see our good friends Tim and Susi, and of course a trip to the zoo. We spent quite a bit of time with the dogs, especially Blue, who Kaci adored, I think Jordan rather fell in love with her too. We all walked the dogs most days which was lovely, and all fed the alpacas most nights too.

Kaci and Jordan painted a pot for us and wow Jordan was a a bit of an artist! This year we have really brightened up our small courtyard, with ceramic pots that the children that have come here on holiday this year, have painted for us.

I don't think it was quite the total break that Frankie would have hoped for, those toddlers certainly know how to keep a mummy on their toes. Hopefully they all enjoyed a different lifestyle and some gorgeous hot sun for 10 days, I know I loved having them all here!

Kaci concentrating on her pot!

Football with the boys!

Alpaca dinner time

All walking the dogs, including the lovely family here on holiday with us!

Lunch time, enjoying the zoo!

Fun in the pool with "Jordi!"

My favourite photo!

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