Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Christmas, come early!

We had a fab early Christmas celebration with our great friends, Pat and Pedro, Susi and Tim and Bill and Peggy. Pat and Pedro were on there way to Brighton to spend Christmas with their family plus celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, how wonderful! We were invited to spend Christmas dinner with them before they left.

As we live over an hour away from them, they kindly offered for us to stay over. Now you probably guess that our animals are extremely important to us here, however 2 or 3 times a year we put ourselves first, feed up the dogs, and alpacas with a little extra food, open the doors to our apartment so the dogs can still indeed get up onto the sofa, and lock up any doors, where we do not want the adorable nightmare that is Miliko to get in, and cause mischief! We then feel we can stay out for the night, and leave early the next morning!

Pat and Pedro are the perfect hosts, both great cooks and in fact Pedro was head chef at some of Brighton's best eateries!!! Lucky us!!! In England we are more used to being served up portions of pork and other meat, as opposed to a whole baby pig, carved at the table, and I have to admit this does take a bit of getting used to. Even seeing them shrink wrapped leading up to the Christmas festivities is still quite difficult for me to get used to. The taste however is just second to none, of course it does help with Pat and Pedro being such great cooks. I'm sure if I attempted to cook one it would turn out like a biscuit (everything else I cook does!)

We had a beautiful dinner, then had a little walk to a nearby hotel to enjoy an afternoon drink. Our other friends drifted off home and left us to enjoy an evening with Pat and Pedro. Pat and I enjoyed looking at each others photos online, typical women looking at our gorgeous children and clucking over our beautiful grandchildren, whilst Alan and Pedro enjoyed a typical Saturday night... match of the day, Spanish style ....... GOOOOOOAAAAALL! We had a lovely time, thank you!

Our great friends Pat and Pedro!

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