Saturday, May 24, 2014

Teeth Update March... All Done Wooo Hooo!

As I said in my last blog post, which was about my trip to Brighton for Maisie's birthday, I had to extend my holiday slightly... terrible shame. When I had gone back in December for Baby Jaxon's birth, I had the bite registration plus impressions done. That was all ok apart from as my old nan would have said "I'm a good 'ealer!" Whenever the posts of the implants had to be exposed for impressions to be made, the skin on my gums would grow over the posts again very quickly. This meant I would have to have lots of injections to numb my mouth (as I'm a coward with pain, but I'm fine with injections) to expose the posts again. Well this was done however the laboratory were not completely happy with the results. We considered finding an English speaking dentist here, but then thought it was better to just extend my stay in Brighton so the same procedure could be done again, and then hopefully the implants would be all sorted for my return back to Spain at the end of the week.

Just a little reminder.... For a few years I had a problem on the left top side of my mouth, with old crowns, and a chipped front tooth that was failing very quickly. I knew eventually something sensible would need to be done but I was dreading the thought of what.  

The first consultation when the decision was made, not just to do a couple of extractions but four, and I would need a partial denture was a tough one.  As a child I had a brace and hated the feeling of it on the roof of my mouth.  It made me feel sick whilst eating, and I never kept it up.  I feared I would feel the same way.  

The extraction process and drilling into the jaw bone for the implants caused me very few problems. I was sedated, although I think I remember most of what was going on, but I really couldn’t have cared less what was being done.... it’s good stuff, you know! Having to be without a partial denture for just a few days was difficult. I felt old and ugly but hey it was only a few days, then I got a phone call a day earlier than I was expecting to say it was ready.

The denture looked amazing and it was great to have teeth again, even falsies. I have to admit I felt rather down wearing them though. I couldn’t eat lots of things, even a nice salad would be too crunchy, and I really hated that feeling of the plastic in the roof of my mouth. It rather felt like a made to measure shoe horn!

Because I live in Spain, I opted for a dentist in the UK I trusted, and of course could understand. It did mean that the length of time between the first appointment with extractions to the final fitting of the implants was a year. It would probably have been around 6 months if I had lived locally, with healing time included. 

Well I now have had my new implants for a couple of months and I find it difficult to find the words to describe how they have changed my life! I feel much more confident just knowing I don’t have a denture, AND I can eat and totally enjoy my food again. I would advise anyone considering for a moment about getting implants, that ok it’s not the nicest of procedures. I wouldn’t say painful as there can always be a top up of injections to anaesthetise any pain. I did feel a little wiped out after long procedures in the dentist chair.... BUT ... Is it worth it? Totally! Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Would I go through it again? Yes I would!

Is this an advertisment for implants? Well it wasn't meant to be!

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