Friday, March 6, 2009

A Great Day!

February 14th was a very special day for us. I wanted to explain about the dreadful BVD tragedies we had all faced here with our alpacas, and then hopefully draw a line under it as I knew our alpacas were being delivered on this day. I kept it quiet as I did not want Frankie and Chris know. They were paying us a visit for a working holiday. Frankie’s face was a picture as we drove up the last bit of the track with the paddocks on the right and there they were looking all gorgeous! Frankie clapped and squealed, what a great day!

We rather kept it a low key affair, but had a lovely day with Nigel and Ginny when they brought the girls up. We had lunch together and spent time with the alpacas. They all settled in just great. We are of course nervous and keeping a very close eye on them, they seem very happy. Probably as they have some lovely grass and weeds here at the moment and they have settled in just fine.

Cassandra, it's so lovely to have her back

Cassandra's cria, Rafa

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