Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new little friend?

I was having a walk with Carlos last week, the first week in February. Poor Geri is still on very limited walking due to her injury. We had just got to the top of the steep hill, I paused gasping for breathe, as I always do, mentally preparing myself for the far more pleasant walk back down the hill, when this beautiful dog came walking cautiously towards us. In a head down submissive positio. Yes I have been watching 'The dog whisperer'. Her and Carlos had a little sniff around each other, and as we started to walk home, she followed us. I didn’t worry too much as I felt sure she was with an olive farmer, or with a group of olive pickers.  She was so beautiful she was surely a family pet. She wore a black velvet collar, and was in excellent condition. With stunning light brown eyes and an almost white thick coat.

The dog followed us back to the house, and Carlos and I went in. We left our new little friend dog outside, we felt sure she would wander back to her owners, wherever they were. Two hours later she was still there. I took the car up to the nearest house to where she was and found Raphael the olive farmer. He has many dogs, but she was not one of his. He said to ask Miquel …. no not his! Miquel asked someone else driving up the track, who told us she belongs to Diego. Problem is we don't know Diego!

One week later she is still with us. We have put signs up on the gate looking for her owner. She is an absolute delight and loves to play with all of our other dogs, and doesn’t even chase the feral cats. She is a dream to take for a walk on a lead, and loves to jump up and put her head on your chest.

Who on earth would not come looking for this stunning dog?

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