Saturday, June 6, 2009

APRIL - A wonderful trip to Brighton

Well as you can imagine every trip back to Brighton is wonderful for me. I get to see Mark and Frankie, and their partners, and sometimes my uncle Charlie if he can hear me knocking at the door that is. Sometimes my dancing girls, and the stroke clubs members, where I used to help out at the Haven Stroke Club. This trip though was extra special. Although I had not said anything in my blog previously I was about to become a grandmother. My darling daughter Frankie had told me on mothers day. Unfortunately she not been keeping great, but hopefully soon that will change. This trip back was the first time I had seen my expectant daughter!

Frankie and Chris met me at the airport as they often do, Frankie and I were sure we were both going to cry, but no, we were both pretending to be grown up and were surprisingly ok! They took me to Barbara and Graham's house, my good friends that always allow me to come and go, as though I was in a hotel. Thursday morning was the big day. Frankie's very first scan, and I felt very privileged to go with them, although I did say to Frankie that it was a very special time for her and Chris, but Frankie said she wanted me there. How lucky am I! The scan was a great experience, the radiographers were kind and made it very special for us all, and I was shocked! I know it has been 21 years since I had a baby scan, but wow how technology has improved. I am sure at Mark and Frankie's scans I probably pretended to understand what parts of the body they were pointing out to me, whereas in a fraction of a second, there was a baby! It rather took me by surprise and I tried very hard to disguise the tears in my eyes, and the boiled egg like lump that appeared in my throat, I think I did an ok job of it!

Frankie's 12 week scan

That afternoon I went with Frankie to her own dance class in a school in Eastbourne where she has been teaching, it was a lovely little school, and the children and teacher seemed to be very fond of her. After that we went to the City Dance classes in Brighton, and saw Kelly and my lovely dancers. OK well there are not exactly mine any more, but of course I am stilll very fond of them. Simon met us after dancing as did Mark, and we all went out for a bite to eat together, what a super day! I spent a most of Friday with Mark which was great, he has grown into such a lovely young man, I am so proud of..... sorry Mark! I had arranged after this, to have a little get together with some dancers that had left dancing and had wanted to meet up. We had such a laugh reminiscing about our dance weekends at Butlins and as usual, with them, there was never a dull moment. I should probably keep some of our hilarious meeting private but I could be persuaded to divulge by private message!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, I spent the morning at dancing with Frankie. Once again it was so wonderful to see the children that are still dancing. It was also so lovely that Dorothy, Melanie and Lucia came into see us, and also Julie and Elicia too. We had a little treat and had our hair done after. The weather being so beautiful, we had an invite to join our good friends Cathy and Rich on the seafront. Rich is an extremely talented artist, that produced our logo for us. He now has an art gallery on the seafront and we spent a lovely afternoon, on Brighton seafront, with good friends and a glass of wine.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Lovely sunny day on Brighton seafront

Rich's Freddie!

Saturday evening I went out with Mark, Frankie and Chris, sadly Mark's gf was working, and we met up with a few dance mums. It is always lovely to catch up and have a good ole chin wag.

On the Sunday we were invited to Louise, Mark and Renee's, Alan's auntie, uncle and nanna. As always we were made so very welcome, I feel so lucky to have them as my new family. Well the weather once again was kind to us, we met their new chickens and of course their beautiful 'rag doll' cats and had a lovely barbeque. Thank you for such a lovely day!

One of their beautiful "rag doll" cats

Louise with "Tikka"

Bank holiday Monday we spent yet another day with good friends. We popped into see Jo and Nick at lunch time to catch up, and Wendy and Richard during the evening and had dinner with them. It's funny but I am sure I see more of some friends now, since I have moved away. I guess we all make more of an effort. Later in the evening I went to see my good pals Ron and Maureen and stayed with them, to go to the stroke club on Tuesday morning, a place that is very special to me. Everyone there seemed well, and all going about their normal tasks eg jigsaw puzzles wordsearch etc.

On Tuesday evening I visited one of Simon's line dance classes, what a great class, he really has done well, good luck to you Simon, and all the ladies love him! As usual he had wine and a buffet for my visit, but he loves an excuse for that! During the evening Mark and Callie, and Frankie and Chris and I all managed to have a meal out together. We had a really great night together, full of fun and laughter, and made the most of our new camera. Home on Wednesday and once again it was a very tearful goodbye.

Mark and Chris

Chris and Frankie

Mark and CallieFrankie and I

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