Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a coincidence

The beginning of May I had a strange but lovely experience. We had been emailing a gentleman called Alan regarding some alpaca conference affairs. He lives in Madrid and wanted to come to visit the alpaca owners in Andalucia, with regard to organising a conference next year. Well Alan and his partner came along, and within a couple of minutes he said to me 'Where did you live in England Lorna? 
'Near Brighton', I replied. The converstaion then went, 
"I used to live in Brighton!"
'What did you do there?'
'I was a dance teacher!'
'Noooooo, so was I!'
'Nooooooooo, where did you teach?'

At that point I thought maybe Alan remembered my name as a teacher in Brighton, there were around three main schools.

He said 'Lorna.......... er Lorna ......................'
Excitedly I said 'Lorna Roff?'
'Yes that's it, I TAUGHT for Lorna Roff!'
'I AM LORNA ROFF!!!!!!!!!!'

Alan Stables had taught dancing in my dance school around 25 years ago. What an amazing coincidence! I remembered him well, and the great times we had, teaching Ballroom and Latin together on Saturday morning! Alan said if someone had told us in 25 years time, we would both be living in Spain, working with Alpacas, we would never have believed them in a million years. It was so lovely to see him again. Obviously the main conversation was about dancing, with a little alpaca chat for good measure!

Alan and I

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