Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Year!

January began with torrential rain, in fact it has been pretty much raining every day since I returned home from Brighton, and that was the end of November. We thought December and January were bad, but that was nothing to what we have experienced in February!

Well back to January:

Its awful because of course we can't wash any clothes, there is not ever enough solar to use the washing machine, as of course we are not on mains electricity, and even if I hand washed, we would never get things dry. Poor Alan is having to go out and turn the genny off in the dark about 12, or whenever we want to go to bed. We are mopping constantly, and everywhere is filthy dirty, and smelling damp. I can't wait to have a few days dry and be able to clean up, and have some clean clothes.  The poor alpacas are still in the stable, where we put them when little Santa was born, sometimes we shut them in there as there is a huge puddle outside it and we dont want Santa to sit in it, poor little thing! To be honest now the alpacas will not even come out, we have to entise them out with food, they are not silly!

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