Sunday, February 28, 2010

No sun brings another worry!

Santa unfortunately had a little set back! Alan went to check on him one morning, and he came back and said he was very worried, he felt his back legs were very weak. I popped my wellies on over my jim jams and prepared myself as well as I could. In actual fact when I saw Santa I was n't too upset. We felt and still feel it is a Vitamin D deficiency. The poor little boy was actually strong apart from his back legs that had seemed to go bandy over night! He was bright, alert, trying to get away from us and feeding well too, so we did not actually feel he was ill. We have a "paste" that we got from the alpaca futurity that contains vitamin AD & E, so we gave him that straight away and even the following morning we felt we could see a slight improvement. So the good news is he is still doing really well! We now give all the alpacas the paste, especially as they seem to have taken up being indoor animals now, well if we would let them!

Santa, looking like he's try to soak up those rays!

Looking just adorable!

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