Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another wonderful trip back!

I could not believe my luck! I was going to become a nannie, for the second time in approximately four months. The big question was once again, would the baby hang on in there, until I arrived!
I arrived in Brighton on Tuesday 2nd March, the baby was due a couple of days prior to this. I knew that having a few days with Frankie, Chris and the gorgeous little Kaci would be wonderful, leading up to Mark and Callies baby being born. So we spent loads of time together, and waited and waited! What a difference four months makes, from the two week old baby, I had tearfully left in November. Kaci was chatting away, and she told me lots of stories that only her nannie could understand ;) She is a very expressive little girl who loves to make faces, and gurgle away. It was such a joy to be with her. Obviously I miss the family loads, but the more she grows and becomes a real little person, the harder it is!

Kaci with my dear Uncle Charlie, he's 89 years young!

Kaci with Uncle Marky

Kaci's first swim

New hat!A lovely family photo!
Well eight days after Callies due date, they took her into hospital. Poor Callie and Mark have gone through rather a lot for this little baby, and it was almost time to meet him or her. Well my Mark being a fairly typical bloke did not really let his mum know what was going on, but I forgive you Mark :) Callie was induced around midnight of Monday 8th, and sent back home again... as they do because they feel you will be more relaxed at home. If it was me, I think I would just curl up on a bed and refuse to move. I remember when Frankie was in labour and us trying to concentrate on "This morning" and "Loose Women". But I am sure they are right! I am so pleased that Becky, Callie's mum was with them, as it was so wonderful for me to be with Frankie and Chris, and share their miracle! Mark did say he would have gone to pieces without Becky being there as support. I won't go into too many details but we got a phone call from Mark at around 3.30pm on the Tuesday. He sounded extremely emotional as he told us he had a little girl. She had actually been born at 1.36pm but Callie was very poorly and had to have an emergency blood transfusion. I don't think Frankie or I knew what to do or say, we just wanted to cry with what they had been through, but also in sheer delight that everything was ok now!

I was more than happy to give the new little family a day or so to enjoy being together, especially as Callie was so poorly, although I could not help being over the moon when Callie phoned us a few hours later, and said we could come up to see them. Kaci was fed, like the speed of light, and we drove at top speed as we knew visiting hours were nearly over. Frankie was almost skipping hehe!

Well what a little dolly, Maisie Rebecca Penfold, all wrapped up and sleeping soundly. Callie looked amazing, and Mark..... well he was white and shaking! "Never again" he said!

How difficult to see someone you love, go through what Callie had. Frankie and I felt pretty emotional after seeing him, we had never seen Mark like that before, (sorry Mark, I'm not doing much for your streed cred hehe) but I am doing wonders for your credentials as a loving partner and daddy :) I was lucky enough to see Maisie every day before I went back to Spain, Becky, Ross and Maisie's Uncle Jack always made me very welcome, thank you!

The proud parents

Mark still looks in shock

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Cuddling daddy

Little cousins!
Callie looks amazing!Proud daddy!
As the baby was late, I was lucky enough to be in Brighton for Mothers Day. We all spent a lovely afternoon together plus I even managed to catch up with Alans mum, brother, granddad and Jennie. Some lovely family photos below!

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