Monday, March 22, 2010

Terrible floods!

All through the winter this year, the rains have been beyond belief. When I arrived back from England in November until the middle of February we had aproximately 5 good days. I would say houses in the UK are built to withstand wind, rain, snow etc. Where as houses here in Spain, well certainly in the campo, are built to keep them cool, thick stone walls, tiled floors. We have no central heating, or carpets, we don't even have mains electricity. The winter has been extremely depressing! Everyone here has been feeling the same, although we know we are very lucky compared to some parts of the world, of course! I have posted some photos below!

Our track, we could n't drive up it for two days

The River Guadalquivir in Montoro

It burst it banks, you can see the tops of the olive treesAnd below

The Lake Arenoso is about 10 minutes drive from us

In November the lake was approximately 30% full, now it is over 80% full

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