Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on Miliko at the vet

As per usual I am about three weeks behind with my blog writing, nothing new there. However I though I must keep you all up to date with our little darling, that wrecks the place, and drives us and the other dogs to distraction..... yes Miliko. We took him along to the vet in Cordoba as arranged, for a check up, after one month, having being given the news that there really was nothing we could do for the little fella, regarding his soft tissue that had formed around his jaw, that had been dislocated, and preventing him from opening his mouth very wide. Well personally, I was over the moon, to hear it had stayed at exactly the same size. He can open his mouth 18mms. He can still eat his dinner, and tries very hard to play with toys, drag washing off the clothes line, eat candles, and I'm afraid even manage to eat baby birds. Sadly nature has it's way of keeping the bird population down, and Miliko is one of those ways. I was so worried that he had deteriorated and therefore would have an idea of how long the lil fella would have, but thank God, this is not the case just yet. We are going back to the vet in six months time, God willing. He will be one year old in August, bless him!

Miliko being a pain to Blue, whilst she is trying to watch her favourite tv program Bondi Vet!

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