Friday, June 25, 2010

Wonderful trip back to Brighton

I know we all think we have the most wonderful children in the world, but I'm sorry, I do! Thanks to my wonderful daughter and family, I hopped onto an easy jet flight in Malaga for another little trip back to, what was a gloriously sunny Brighton. As usual it was not long enough to see many friends, although I did manage to catch up with a couple of besties. This time including my good friend Karen, that I worked with, in one of the schools, who was adamant that she treat me to lunch, lunch was great, but the company even better. It was wonderful to catch up Karen, thank you! Poor Frankie is carless at the moment but we managed to get about on buses without too much difficulty, even though she is out in Peacehaven. Thanks to buses, and Mark and Callie driving around, I managed to see as much of the kids and beautiful babies as possible. The babies are both such charactors now. Kaci was standing up beside the furniture, and crawling, really laughing and squealing, as well as saying, dada, mumumum, and pa! This was her favourite thing to shout at me whilst I tried so hard to encourage her to say nana! I would just get "PA" in return. Maise is now having these great little conversations, but she sounds like she is having a good old moan, inbetween the most beautiful smiles. I am so proud of my Frankie and Mark, and their little families, and I just cannot believe how wonderful it is to be a nanny. It is so very difficult to be away from them for long periods, it helps when I have a definite date for a return trip. Which I am extremely happy to say I have just booked....... yippppeeee! Ok, proud nanny wants to show you all the photos below!



My two gorgeous girls!

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