Sunday, August 22, 2010

He's a little nightmare, but we love him

By mid morning, during the summer months, Blue and Geri are chomping at the bit to get inside for a siesta, Miliko is too, but he just wants to get in to cause havoc. Yesterday was one of those days. He looked quite settled and relaxed, when the three of them barged through the door of the apartment, otherwise I would have chased him back out. An hour or so later, I went to check on them. Blue and Geri were sleeping soundly, no surprise there, but silly me had not locked the door to our bedroom and bathroom. I shuddered to think of the destruction I might find!

Now bear in mind Miliko is the smallest of our dogs, has one leg visibly shorter than the other three and he can open open his mouth 18mms at the last measurement. Ok try and visualise the destruction........

Our bed that was clear apart from a sheet if we need it, yes don't forget it's August in Spain. We have huge plastic holdalls, aproximately a metre square that we keep bedding in. He had dragged one from the bedroom to the bathroom, and pulled out a towel, a mattress protector, and a thick furry throw. He had taken a bag that contained twelve toilet rolls up on to the bed to have a play with, plus, a new pair of trainers of mine and a glittery flip flop (he has already eaten the sequins off of the other one), one trainer of Alans and one slipper. A small shopping bag from a cupboard, oh and a TEN KILO bag of Geri's food which was a least half full, was also on the bed too. It was like a child surrounded by his toys but with lunch there to nibble on.

Little bugger!

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