Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adios Nigel and Ginny

Our good friends Nigel and Ginny Cobb, have decided to say "adios" to Spain, and "bonjour" to France. The cunning plan by their friends Kevin and Yvonne, was to have a great farewell party for them. The alpaca gang led by Mike and Linda, decided we could help out by getting Nigel and Ginny out of the house for a little get together of our own. The plan was that Ginny could tell us all about her fantastic trip to the other side of the world visiting alpaca friends. Along with of course a lovely lunch supplied by Mike and Linda, and a good ole catch up with us, David and Di, and Jane. After catching up for quite a few hours with the vino flowing we realised, after wondering how on earth we were going to keep Nigel and Ginny there, so long, in actual fact the problem was going to be how are we going to get them back to their place for the party. We had all trooped up to see Mike and Linda's lovely animals, including their notoriously naughty spit machine Lilly. They were all looking stunning, and Alan and I secretly love their donkeys, if they were n't so big they would be in the back of our car, and up on their way to the Cordoba Province by now.

Yvone had rung numerous times, the guests were there and waiting in anticipation and Ginny was in full swing talking about the stunning Lorca (the alpaca not the gay Spanish poet). Eventually Yvonne got through and spun Ginny a tale that some people from England had turned up unexpectedly to see them. Ginny was wracking her brain to think who on earth it could be, and the speedy thinking of Yvonne insisted it was to be a surprise but they had to go home now........ great tactic! Alan and I stayed to help Mike and Linda with their alpaca chores and have a freshen up, and we followed on later.

Nigel and Ginny called us a few choice names when we did arrive, far too rude to be put in print, and we had a super evening.

I think our friends will be moving soon and we wish them all the very best in their new life in France. They will be keeping a herd of alpacas in Ronda, and we hope to catch up with them as often as we can.

Ginny, Linda and Alan get hands on with the extremely
handsome Lorca

Alpaca friends together but a donkey wants the close up shot!

Why lean on a post when you can lean on a donkey?

How gorgeous is he!

Mike and Linda's beautiful dogs, pool and view!

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