Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light, music and water show in Cordoba

Alan's mum Linda, came out for a well earned break in May. Whilst she was here we visited a new night time water light and sound spectacular show in the grounds of the in castle of the Christian Monarchs (Alcazar) very close to the Famous Mezquita, in Cordoba. It is a new spectacle, with a little history lesson, which is n't too difficult to understand as it is projected on the walls in pictures. The next stage is the beautiful fountains set to a mixture of pan pipe and flamenco guitar music. The fountains "dance" and are lit magnificently. It is lovely to be able to go out in the evening and feel comfortably warm, as opposed to perspiring out of every poor throughout the day, or feeling cold and shivery, as we probably would going out for a late night in Brighton. And at the moment, all for free. It was a lovely evening out! We started off with a delicious meal at a nearby restaurant, then wandered comfortably full, round the Jewish Quarters of the town to the castle. Great night, we would thoroughly recommend it, and actually had some guests go last night, who did also enjoy it!

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