Thursday, June 16, 2011


Usually shearing is a pretty hectic, although fun day, with friends that are able to help, staying for a bbq, swim and a good old catch up. This year however for pretty different, there was the sum total of Alan and I, Kym and James Dixon our fantastic regular shearers and eight alpacas. That was it! James and Kym spend most of the year in Europe, including the UK, and the rest of the time in Oz, their home.

The build up was a bit of a nightmare, we had dreadful weather and all of us in Andalucia were trying hard to keep our animals dry leading up to our appointed shearing dates, with heavy storms forecast. The poor 5 boys were shut in a little stable, for about three days, and the girls in a shelter too. The day before shearing we actually had some dry weather so let them all out for a run around, and shut them back in again overnight.... just in case.

Well the sun was shining down on us the day of shearing, well for most of it anyway. Due to the weather being a little on the dodgy side, we got stuck in straight it. As usual everything ran as smooth as clockwork. Bless his heart little Santa was crying like a real baby, as his favourite friend in the whole wide world Rafa was being sheared, he just did not know what was happening to him, and it all got too much for him when it was his turn, he just could n't stop green oozy stuff, oozing out of his mouth and a wee bit of wee wee happening too. Thank goodness for an old towel kept handy, just in case. Bless him. James and Kym stayed over which meant we could have a lovely relaxed evening together before leaving for our friends in Ronda early the following morning. Keep in touch guys, we wish you all the best best for the future, we will miss you xxx

Usually I post before and after photos of all the alpacas, but just for a change, just a few random ones for you this year!

The boys looking a little gloomy

Breakfast before shearing

Cassandra, she is such a star, being sheared by James

The girls follow Alan to another paddock, to make room for the boys

Little Santa, watching Rafa being sheared

The boys checking out who is who!

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