Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alpaca Friends get together at long last!

Our alpaca maties are pretty spread about, and the nearest distance to travel to visit our alpaca friends is around 2 hours.  That's to David and Di's in the stunning El Torcal region of Andalucia.  In actual fact as we drove down towards the Malaga province there was snow on the mountains!  It was so lovely to see our friends, David & Di, Mike & Linda, and Jane & Juli, it had certainly been a while, possibly a year since our last get together!  We whipped through the agenda, and built up our enthusiasm again, for a few months, and then relaxed and chatted with our great friends.

Us alpaca owners have had a pretty tough time in Andalucia, and we welcome the chance to get together, air any worries and concerns, which we of course all have.  It is great to be able to supprt each other, put the world to rights, and then enjoy each others company, usually with a bottle of vino, or 2... ok or more!

David and Di, have a wonderful home, which like us, they rent out for holidays.  They have a wonderful menagarie of pets, alpacas, donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens and pea fowl, and the most handsome turkey I have ever seen!  After we took our business hats off we wandered out to enjoy their animals

Snow on the mountains heading towards Malaga.  Maybe seeing the amount of traffic on the motorway will remind my kids why I'm so jumpy on the motorways in England!!!

Alan with the donkeys

 How handsome is he!

Sneaky kiss?

Great view, great mates!

Play time for two of the dogs!

We had a lovely day, thanks everyone!

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