Friday, April 20, 2012

Montoro Carnival Time

Is the UK the only place that doesn't celebrate the carnival weekend, like the rest of Europe seem to?   We have heard of friends in France and also Germany that also seem to celebrate at the same time.  We have absolutely no idea what this is all about.... another strange tradition!  We have seen fancy dress outfits in the shops now for weeks, suitable for babies, up to adults.  There are posters about it all over town, and my zumba ladies are even bringing in photos of their fancy dress they are wearing.  Errr one dressing up as a mobile phone, very odd!!!  We got on our glad rags, and organised with our friends Pat and Pedro to come along too, then come back with us and stay over.  

Well what a shock, I would say we were most definitely in the minority of people not dressed up, in fact we looked completely out of place.  One of the most noticeable things was that people were not individually dressed up, they were in groups.  I guess people that worked together, played football together, groups of teenagers, either good friends or possible groups from a school class, were all themed together.  Simply amazing!  I know I harp on about it, however once again the drinking culture thatwe see so often in England, was not evident here.  Of course they drink, most Spanish drink, they certainly laugh at Alan because he doesn't drink OR SMOKE, they wonder what exactly he does do! Everyone simply has a great time!  Once again the photos speak much louder than words!

Even in the very religious town of Montoro, 
they will pray thanks to the Lord for their vino!

 My very favourite "MOP HEADS"

How gorgeous!

Yes cigarettes, in a pack!

What a cutie, obviously I asked!

Captain Salami!

Spot the little clown in the corner

All ladies!!!

Anyone for a bud?

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