Monday, June 25, 2012

Shearing Time Again!

Hooray, we were having a regular shearer back... we did n't think he could make it this year!  We were so pleased to hear that James Dixon had managed to squeeze in a few of us, in Spain, as he worked his way around Europe.  James and his wife Kym have been shearing our alpacas since we had them here.  They come from Australia, and I hear their home town spoken about when I watch Bondi rescue!  How cool is that!  Unfortunately Kym could n't make it this year, and we all missed you Kym.  James did however bring along his nephew.  Noah was a lovely lad, and a complete credit to his family.  He was a great help during the shearing (not that I was there actually, I was taking a zumba class in town)  so I heard, and he was intelligent, polite and all round great company.  I'm sure he had a great time with his Uncle Jamie, especially the whisky and haggis tasting in Scotland, that was a good important cultural experience for him!

I don't know that we will see Noah again next year, but hopefully some day he will be back.  Below are some before and after shots of our gorgeous girls and boys! 

Our gorgeous girls, feeling the heat!

Ah that feels sooo much better!

A few of the boys

Galaxy soaking up the sun!

Eduardo likes a paddle!

How handsome am I!

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redacteur Frans said...

Haggis ... just one of the blessings of being a vegetarian: not to have to eat (and smell !!) that part of Scottish culture :-))