Friday, June 1, 2012

The Stunning Cordoba Patios

Every now and then, Alan and I love to play tourists for a day, in the gorgeous city of Cordoba which is just a three quarter of an hour drive from our door, or fence, should I say!  During the month of May we have the Festival of the Patios and this is just a must.  For the past 3 years we have headed into Cordoba, camera in hand.  We hear many different languages as we wandered through the tiny streets in the city centre, as visitors travel from near and far, to view the amazing patios.  There are three main routes and in the last 3 years we still have not managed to see every patio, although I am pretty sure we have seen some of the best, as certificates are placed outside some entrances.  

We are totally blown away at the displays on show, and get very frustrated when we cannot keep a handful of rose bushes alive, or our beautiful delicate bougainvillea which we sadly lost this winter also.  I guess it's a frost issue, and this year we had many a morning that we had to scrape ice off of our car, plus our rocky soil certainly does n't help!  

It was probably the first real hot day of the year and it reached 39 degrees outside and it was a ridiculously roasting 50 degrees inside our car when we returned to it later in the day!  We had to queue for many of the patios, as some are tiny, and can only fit it handful or so of people at a time.  So we spent quite a bit of time standing perspiring, no let's be honest about this, blooming sweating, as we waited in line.  

Having said that, I personally will want to do it again next year, although I did say to Alan maybe we should make a decision to view only 5 or 6, otherwise you are just drained and exhausted walking around in the heat and queueing.  

I hope you like the photos, I shall let them do the talking about this fantastic festival!

Love the statue in this one hehe!

 What's that, you want a close up?

A group of musicians and singers

Yes this was the temperature!

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