Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Planning our alpaca Trek

We love it when children, or adults want to walk our alpacas, usually around their paddock but occasionally outside too.  We have decided to go further, why not!  We are not too far from a stunning lake, which we often drive to.  Oi! Who are you calling lazy bones?  To be honest I was never quite sure I would make it back up the hill, without the need of oxygen, a fireman's lift... or both!

The day was perfect, a few fluffy "Simpsons" clouds and some slightly warm sunshine.  I could n't get out of it.  We did the walk alone, just Alan and I.  Our mastins Blue and Arthur and very lazy and would never walk that far. Actually they would, but they would n't make it back!  Geri is an old lady now, Miliko has a wonky leg and cannot open his mouth to pant.  Carlos would have loved it, but there would be no way we would get him out alone, sadly.

It took us only about half an hour to reach the lake, and about 45 minutes to walk back, but that was my fault, struggling up the hill!  We could not believe how low the water level was, due to the fact of having had an incredibly dry winter, and everything looked beautiful.  

Our plan is during spring and autumn to take guests on a trek, if they wish of course, however also to do little day excursions.  I'm sure they are many people that would love to come for a morning or afternoon, walk our gorgeous animals with us and have a drink and tapas beside the lake.  Or even spend the day with us, to include an alpaca trek and a barbeque.  We are still in the planning stage, and the good news is I did indeed make it back up the hill, in one piece, with just a couple of stops.  I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it, and cannot wait to do it again.  I hope you enjoy the photos of our beautiful countryside.

Three donkeys on route (the 3rd is hiding)

Half way there

Over the brow of the hill

You can just see the lake

These trees are usually under water!

On our way back home, we came across some horses

One particularly friendly young foal !

Yikes... the steep hill back!

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