Monday, October 29, 2012

We sadly lost our little Iker!

I was sitting at the laptop having a little nosey online, about half an hour before leaving to take my zumba class in town. Alan had gone to put the chickens to bed, and make sure all the alpacas were behaving themselves.  It was a total shock when Alan came back and said "I hate to tell you this but I think little Iker may be dead."  I got that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Our adorable kitten who was named after the extremely talented and totally gorgeous Iker Casillas, was lying to the side of our track.  He was either dead or very seriously hurt.  At that point I was hoping and praying he had died, and preferably very quickly.  A trip to the vet here for us, is a half hour journey, and we hated the thought of him being badly injured and have to endure that bumpy journey, and him possibly have to be put to sleep!  Besides the fact that I had a class to take!

Alan being made of much tougher stuff than me, said he would check on him and deal with him, if necessary.  He came back and said he was definitely gone!  He was n't sure however that he had been hit by a car.  Now anyone that has been to our house knows, that during the summer months we may see 5 or 6 cars a day in total.  During the olive picking season it can be more, maybe 10 or so, certainly not loads.  Iker and his brother Pedro, had only just started venturing outside of the gate however there had been another danger.  About an hour before Alan and I had been marvelling at a stunning eagle overhead.  He seemed to be circling and was extremely noisy, and we have heard may stories of eagles carrying off small kittens.  We do wonder if he had been scooped up by the  eagle and dropped.  We will never know.

Ikers little brother Pedro certainly pined for his little mate.  Although they had their brothers, last years kittens, Messi and Xavi, I'm sure you are getting the connection here, Pedro and Iker were extremely close and was most of the time cuddled up or playing together.  Pedro spent the next week practically glued to Xavi, he did n't know what on earth had happened to his brother and best friend.

I had to go and do my class, I think I may have felt a little better if I could have had a cry but I felt sick.  I felt like that for days.  Especially not knowing what had happened to the poor little thing.  I hope it was quick and as painless as possible.  Bless his heart!

Iker on the left and Pedro, right
Pedro getting some love from Xavi, after the accident!


redacteur Frans said...

Poor little thing :-(

Sandra Barrett said...

Sorry to hear the sad news about liitle Iker Lorna.