Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Pedro moves on :-(

Barb the cat has a litter of kittens once a year, usually around March or April.  At a year to eighteen months old, they gradually leave us.  We rarely know where they have gone, they just up and leave. On occasions they have come and gone for a few weeks, and then one day we realise we haven't seen then for a week or two.  Last year Barb had 3 kitttens, including an adorable little fella we called Pedro.  Pedro was every guests favourite animal, during the summer months, as he was more than happy to be stroked, held, thrown about by the children and occasionally even fall asleep on a lap, pretty good for a feral 'ish cat!.  I think he was the most friendly cat we have ever had.  I thought, and secretly hoped, he may be here for keeps.

One morning a few weeks ago Xavi, a cat still here from last years litter, who we now call Fat Xav, for the reason that he seems to be helping himself to the chicken food, took off with little Pedro.  A few days later Fat Xav came home, but sadly alone.  There were no signs of little Pedro!  It's a horrible thought that he may still be wandering around in the cold night air, hunting for his dinner on little rodents, or whatever else he can find, when he was used to getting fed here, and cuddling up in the barn with his mum or Fat Xav at night.  

Who knows maybe one day he'll pop back for a visit, sometimes they do, I hope so!

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Tanya said...

Animals, they really get to you don't they.

I have linked your blog onto my new blog I hope thats ok?