Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Zumba Party

It has taken me practically a year to build up my zumba class.  In a small traditional Spanish town, the ladies like to walk.  They walk around the town, in groups, after dropping their children off at school, and then again in the evening.  Walking means they are are keeping fit, whilst catching up with the latest town gossip and it's all free!  However I think I've cracked it!  I struggled most of last year, but I was determined to keep trying hard. Personally I love zumba, some people knock it, but it works for me.  I have lost a stone and a half over the year teaching it, and I love the music and the dance style.  If other zumba instructors aren't "feeling it"  maybe they need to change their music, and let's be honest it's your own choreography that you are using?  

The ladies that stuck with me through last year where in their 50's and above.  No dilemma for me, I choreographed for them.  If I did n't, I would have lost them too.  I soldiered on with 2 classes a week and I did not want to let my loyal ladies down.  At the end of August I was informed I could only have one class in the future.  In some ways I was quite happy, I personally was n't letting them down, as such.  We arrived  into September and with another great push on advertising my class increased.  One lovely bubbly lady, that we knew from the town hall, insisted she needed 2 classes a week, when I told her it was not possible she spoke quickly to the other ladies in the class, and vanished into the office, to come out 2 minutes later and ask when I would like to do my second class.  Once she was sure the other ladies were going to support me she had it all in hand.

If all my regular ladies attended I would probably have about 20, but of course that does n't happen.  We regularly have between 10 and 12 and I have emails from the ladies who canot attend which I have great fun translating with google! It still seems funny to me that we sign off with a kiss, and they write the words a kiss, un beso!

I decided to have a zumba Christmas party night and have some English nibbles.  We were going down to the coast to visit friends and had a visit to Iceland.  Iceland in Spain carries brands from Iceland to Waitrose, although we usually come out of there with lots of fattening stuff, so try not to go often!   My ladies sauntered in chatting away as per usual, then as they got up to do their first dance they put on santa hats, bless them! They took great delight in asking me all about the salmon and cucumber sandwiches and sausage rolls.  The mince pies were extremely strange to them, although one lady did confess to eating three haha!  I think possibly the favourite were snowballs, the marshmallow balls covered in chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut...... mmmmm!  I could just eat one or even two of them RIGHT NOW!  The tinto de verano was flowing and we had a lovely fun night, two glasses for me and I could n't remember the dances! Onwards and upwards for this year!

If you want a little chuckle, please remember I was a little typsy, and forgot the end!

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