Thursday, May 30, 2013

All pretty again!

" Lorna, where are you?"  "No recent blogs? We miss you!"  Nope noone actually said that but I'll pretend, to get myself back into blogging again.  Sorry for the delay ,but we have been crazilly busy.  After a wet, cold and to be honest pretty miserable winter, which seemed to drag on and on this year, the sun finally showed itself and we crawled out of hibernation and got down to doing some work.

I'm not going to rabbit on as some of us have two zumba classes to take tonight, I'll have you know!  So I'll let a few photos do the talking and maybe you would like to check out our new promotional video, whist sitting with a cuppa or a glass of vino... or two!

Our new promotional video for 2013



Lynsey said...

Can't wait to visit, looks beautiful x

Sue said...

It's all looking lovely, Lorna! Like 'Little Cordoba' :-)

Christine Crewe said...

I think that many of us fillers of your blog check every now and then to see if there is an update, then feel disappointed to see nothing new to read. However am delighted today to read an update and see the results of your hard work giving the place an uplift. I have a house in the estacion de Benaojan near Ronda. I think I probably came across Mike and Linda years and years ago when they had there Alpacas at the Molino del Puente - beautiful animals. I enjoy your blog as it helps me get a little glimpse into Spain whilst waiting or my next visit there! NB please excuse the misspelling - but I can't seem to alter this without deleting at starting again - so for fillers please read followers and there should have been their!!!! Look forward to reading some more soon.

Lorna Penfold said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment Christine, I really have no excuses now, and hopefully the next blog post will be posted this evening. Ahhh our lovely friends Mike and Linda, we saw them a couple of weeks ago, and hope to catch up with them again soon :-)