Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Kittens - Well Done Barb!

The beginning of April, yes I know it's nearly June, I'm sorry, Barb our feral (ish) cat gave birth to this years batch of beautiful kittens.  She was looking extremely round leading up to the magic moment and Alan had a bet that it would be four, he won!

She let us know immediately she had finished giving birth to them, by crying loudly for food plus we noticed she was looking a little damp and a wee bit bloody down the backs of her legs.  For a feral (ish) cat she tends to think of herself first.  She had given birth, they were safe and clean now it was her turn to eat and gain some extra nourishment to feed them.

It didn't take long to find out where she had given birth, and sods law it was a really awkward place between a metal fence with an old door up leaning against it (to stop Carlos escaping out of a hole in the fence) and a steep pile of mud and rocks, very close to where last years litter were born in fact.  They were all completely covered with some "day of the triffids " weeds.  When we managed to scramble down, we could clearly see the four little cuties in a kitten pile together, all breathing as one.... relief hits you!

Barb kept the kittens there for a few weeks, it was great scrambling down the steep bank to watch in awe as mother nature works, then crawling back up, which was a very different matter entirely!

Introducing Eeny Meeny Miny and Mo, with Barb!

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