Saturday, June 8, 2013

Half the family arrives for a fab holiday!

I was desperately hoping that the kids could make it for holidays this year.  Last year circumstances made it impossible, so I was over the moon to hear they would both be coming with their gorgeous little girls this year.

First over was Mark, with his lovely girlfriend Laura, and the beautiful Maisie.  Mark took the brave move to hire a car from Malaga and drive here for the first time.  He did great, and they were able to get out and about and enjoy trips to Montoro and Cordoba without being totally reliant on us.  He said he would definitley do it again too.  I hope he managed to drive around a roundabout safely when he got back to England!

Their first couple of days were a little cloudy, which actually made it very pleasant for going out and about in, and not too hot for Maisie.  I'm sure Mark was very thankful it did warm up throughout the week, and they were even able to swim in the pool.  Somehow I think Maisie would have been swimming in the pool, whatever the weather.

"Granddad Alan" appeared to be a big hit with Maisie, 
and they enjoyed some fuzzy felt moments together!  

We also had a lovely day when our friends Pat and Pedro came over and we had a lovely bbq in the sunshine.

Spain took on England in a kick about, at the hotel in town! 

I'm sure the highlight of the holiday for Maisie was swimming, 
and dare I say posing by the pool!

Maisie loved all the animals.  Of course she was a little nervous of Arthur and Blue at first... well they are huge!  We took it slowly, and she got as close as she wanted, when she wanted.  As usual the mastins simply wanted to lie down and be tickled!

Brave girl

The smaller dogs aren't nearly so scary.  It was lovely to see Geri having a fuss made of her.  Geri the black and white collie cross beagle was Mark's pet as a teenager, when we lived in England.

Off to see the alpacas and chickens now!

Mark and Laura were rather excited about see a flamenco show in Cordoba and asked if we would be happy to look after Maisie one evening.  Of course, I jumped at the chance!  So they dolled themselves up and had a great night out.  

Maisie says "CHEEEEEESE!"

 Maisie and I had an evening of colouring.  A good time was had by all!


Sue said...

How lovely for you to see your family! It looks like they had a great time! Lovely photos :-)

Elle in Spain said...

How fantastic?!
And fuzzy felt too! I didn't know oyu could still get that - it was a favourite when I was a dinky dot.
Lovely photos for extra memories, Lorna.
Elle xx