Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Donkey Rescue

As most of you know we are pretty rural!  This time of the year maybe only half a dozen cars pass by our house each day,  maybe not even that.  So to be honest you could walk around naked and not see a soul.  I don't, but I have to admit to not wearing a lot of clothes if I'm out by the pool for an hour or so.

I was out there a couple of weeks ago and could hear a car driving down the hill towards our house.  Unfortunately there is a gap of about a foot, in the fence (for those in my age bracket) so I tried my best to slide down the sunbed and tried in vain to hide my modesty behind a paperback.  Hmmm shame I wasn't reading a larger book!

Imagine my shock when the car door opened and I heard "Señora, señoraaaaa!"  What on earth was I going to do?  "Momentito!"  I called back.  It was to no avail, as he already in full flow.  I didn't catch the first bit, only "burro blanco".  I put two and two together, he was "The donkey man!"  No he doesn't have huge ears or eyyorre like a donkey.  He owns a few and they live on Miguel's (our neighbour) land.  He comes about once a week to check on them, and more often than not, put any that may have escaped from their area back again! 

We had seen this particular donkey a few days previously.  He was a big white fella with what looked like tears running down his face.  I had got quite close to him at one point and I was pleased to see it wasn't tears or an eye infection, simply his markings.

"Momentito", I called again, and yelled ALLLLAAAAAN!  Silence, blooming typical!  Donkey man was still chatting away, so somehow I managed to slide off my towel, and off the, ever so comfy but difficult to get out of sunbed, and wrap it round me and I told him I would ask Alan.  I knew he hadn't seen him either but Alan's Spanish is better than mine, so I was passing the buck really!

Alan eventually heard me and came out with a big grin on his face that just said "I told you this would happen, one day!"  He explained to the donkey man and he went on his way.

A couple of days later we spotted the donkey on route to zumba, but we couldn't do anything, we didn't have time.  We were sure he would be there on the way home.  Sure enough he was.  I got out of the car and tried to entice him to walk with me down the track.  At least if we got him near his field there was water nearby, plus his owner would be able to put him back with his mates again.  I've never tried moving a donkey before, but it was quite obvious he didn't want to go anywhere. We decided to go back home and get some water and food for him.  It was near the 40 degrees, and although he was nibbling on grass we thought the food would help him follow.

Home we went and dashed in to get the food and water, we must have only been gone 10 minutes.  Alan raced back up the track like a rally driver, and he had gone!  Gutted!  To this day we haven't seen him again.  I hope he has found water somewhere and at some point he may turn up again found by his "The donkey man".

Alan tried walking behind him, but he still wouldn't move!

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