Monday, March 24, 2014

Christmas in Brighton (Gulp, are we really in March?)

When I found out my daughters baby was due mid December a decision had to be made. It took seconds, to be honest it was a no brainer.  Alan immediately said I must go.  He knew it was where I wanted to be. There was a chance of course that the baby could be late, so the plan was that I would arrive five days after Frankie's due date, and come back to Spain on New Years Eve.  Although more than anything I wanted to be in Brighton, I also felt bad that Alan would be here home alone over the Christmas period.  Our good friends Pat and Pedro said he had to join them for Christmas dinner, which was so kind of them. It was good to know he would be with friends.

Coincidently my great mate Jo was spending Christmas on holiday with her hubby and gorgeous daughters, and was desperate for a house sitter.  This worked really well as I could spend the days with the family, then disappear to give them some peace.  I could catch up with Alan online during the evenings too without appearing to be too rude plus I could house sit, in a beautiful house too I might add!

As my first grandson had already arrived, it was just a case of enjoying him and my lovely family to the max. He was certainly gorgeous and Kaci although just four, was simply the proudest big sister in the world! Cuddling him whenever she could, feeding him and dashing around getting things ready for mummy when he was being changed.

As always time is so precious but I managed to squeeze in a few special friends.  I was over the moon to meet up with two lovely friends that live in Germany, they were spending Christmas in Brighton.  I was so happy we could have a quick drink together.

Chris Jens and I.
I stole Chris's photo, as it had the three of us in it..

Of course I was staying with a four year old.  Obviously that meant Christmas had been an extremely exciting prospect for months. Stockings had to be laid out, and even some glittery oats or similar was left in a trail outside, to ensure the reindeer knew where we would be.  It had been a few years since I had enjoyed being round little ones at Christmas, and it certainly didn't disappoint.  It is hard to beat that magical look that says "Santa's been!"  Father Christmas stockings were opened first thing, and then other presents from family and friends a little later.

You have to dress up as a princess on Christmas Day!

Kaci's own baby

Christmas Day I was extemely happy to be invited to Jordan's mums house, that's Frankie's boyfriend, and spend time with Shelley's lovely family.  I must admit as I come from a small family it was slightly daunting at first, but I had a lovely time with a very nice Christmas dinner.  I was made feel very welcome and it was lovely for all the children to play together, and see them all beautifully dressed up for the special day.

On Boxing Day, Kaci went over to spend time with her daddy, and his side of the family. My son Mark also saw his beautiful Maisie too. My heart really does go out to families with parents not living together.  I can see the difficulties from both sides having both my son and daughter living apart from their childrens mummy or daddy.  Also on a selfish note it does mean that the family can never spend a Christmas with us here in Spain, as the other parent must be taken into consideration, of course.  However amicable things are, there will be times when the other parent want to spend special times with the child and cannot, and that is heart breaking.  It was wonderful to catch up with Mark, Laura and Maisie on Boxing Day morning.

My two beautiful Rapunzels 

The weather on Boxing Day was fabulous, with gorgeous blue skies, so we took the opportunity for a stroll along the seafront before a scrummy cold lunch at Shelley's. 

One of the highlights for me was being able to invite Mark and his lovely girl friend Laura, Frankie and Jordan and the babies to Jo's house for some wine and nibbles.  The girls played great together and it gave us all time for a last get together before my journey home.  Oh dear, I do hate goodbyes.  Thank goodness it's Maisie's fourth birthday in March and we shall be getting together soon.

Mark and Laura

Frankie, Jordan Kaci and Jaxon

Me with my three gorgeous babies! 

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