Monday, February 24, 2014

From Sequins to Sunshine

As I am so behind with my blog posts, I'm sure this is old news to you.... but "I have an ebook out... Yipppeee!"  This was mainly due to an arm twisted up my back by Alan. Since publishing his books, many people have stated their disappointment that there were no photos in his books, so Alan, in his infinite wisdom encouraged me to work at tidying up my blog posts, of Year 1of us moving here to rural Spain, living off grid with our animals. Just a tad different to living in the cosmopolitan city of Brighton, and doing 'normal' jobs. There are lots of photos included, of our house, family and animals of course. My intelligent beautiful fabbie girlfriend editor dotted the 'i's' and crossed the 't's', Alan formatted it for publication, and we were off.  

It is only a blog, some parts are exciting, other bits not so, but such is life.  I now have 18 reviews, sixteen are 5 star, one 3 star, which was very acceptable, and a hugely embarrasing 1 star.  I must admit that didn't upset me as much as I thought it may.  When Alan has received the occasional bad review, I feel awful for him, protective I guess. Which must have been how my daughter felt when she wrote a reply underneath one of Alan's bad reviews.  The person writing it had said they didn't like Alan or I.  Quite what I had done, I'll never know.  Frankie wrote stating what wonderful people we were with great hearts, bless her.  Maybe it's for the better than her reply seemed to get lost in cyber space, never to be read again. Alan had always said we are putting ourselves out there, so we have to accept the bad reviews.

I love writing my blogs posts.  Some are easier to write than others.  I try and be as honest as I can, but I am quite a private person.  I'm trying to be more open with my writing, but it can be difficult to sometimes find the correct words, if you are missing family, or not feeling well, but I'm getting braver at baring my soul.

If you are one of the kind people that have read my ebook, and you have five minutes to spare to write a review, good or with constructive critism, I would be so grateful.  Just to let you know I have started on Year 2.  I must admit the first half seems pretty dull, but gets more exciting as time goes on. 

I remember a teaching video from Len Goodman (from Strictly Come Dancing, and Dancing with the Stars), at the end he said "If you enjoyed this video please tell all your friends.  If you didn't, just keep it to yourself" I like that.  If you feel like doing that with my ebook, I would be very happy, thank you.

Here's the link if you want to be nosey.

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