Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brighton for little Kaci's 5th BIrthday Bash

My  night in the 'urgencias' was certainly conducive to a good sleep on the journey to Brighton, where I was going to celebrate my granddaughter Kaci's 5th birthday. I felt no ill effects from Dolores the previous night, so I slept the whole way on the train to Malaga and then fell asleep again as soon as I got on the plane.  That certainly helped speed up the journey. Mark, my son had managed to get the day off from work and came to meet me from the airport, which was lovely, and he took me back to his girlfriend Laura and his new place, and he even cooked me a lovely meal too.  It was great to spend a few hours with them, and then they drove me then back down to Frankie, my daughter's where I was staying. It had been such a long 9 months since I had seen the family. They had both planned to come out however coincidentally both got the opportunity to move house, so of course I was very happy for them, but missed them greatly.  Frankie had just a month earlier moved into a lovely little house with a garden, which will be just perfect for the grandchildren in the summer!

I was sleeping in Kaci's bedroom, and she had been told I wouldn't arive until very late and she had to go to sleep like a good girl, and I would be there in the morning, when she woke up.  I was awake early as I'm not used to a lot of traffic noise, and at one point noticed her peering over at me, to check if I was there yet.  I said to her "Good morning beautiful" and she smiled and went back to sleep for a little while. 

It's great being a nanny and having to wear all this lovely jewellery!

Before we knew it, we were off on the school run. Blimey I don't miss that! Kaci and Maisie, my other gorgeous girlie both started in September, where has that time gone! I did think that with Kaci being at school it would mean Frankie and I could share some quality time together, however little Jaxon at 11 months old is both adorable and a bit of a handful.  He doesn't sleep and my Frankie is totally exhausted.  She is up most nights 3 or 4 times, sometimes for an hour or 2, and during the day he may sleep for an hour in the morning.  Good job he's gorgeous! So I'm not sure it was quality time together, but simply a lovely time together.

On the Saturday the weather was lovely and sunny so we had a trip to the pier, it was suprisingly warm for November and we enjoyed all that Brighton Pier has to offer, rides, 2p machines and naughty food! Hence the slight return of Dolores the following day... silly me, but wow that chippy on the pier was scrummy!

Sunday was Kaci's birthday and we had a great time at Monkey Bizness in Lewes, what a great place for a kids party.  We hardly saw the children... that's got to be a bonus, until they were called for their food, and then a monkey came along and we sang happy birthday.  I was a little sore with over indulging the previous day, so I had a lovely time in the ball pit with the toddlers. It was super seeing all of Kaci's family there for her birthday, family and friends all both sides, just the way it should be!

A couple of evenings later Mark and Laura came over to Frankie and Jordan's and I cooked for us all, it was the night before Mark's birthday, so Laura brought some lovely cakes and Mark played the game well and pretended to be very suprised as we sang Happy birthday to him, even though he had provided the matches for the candles.  

I managed to have a quick check on Uncle Charlie, who I was delighted to see looking very well. He seems to have a good little band of helpers and carers around him at the moment.  They are descreet enough that I think he probably thinks they are friends popping in to check on him, so that's all good.  

It's so difficult managing to divide time with family and friends, and this trip I did only see the family apart from a quick get together for our good friend's granddaughter who celebrated her 2nd birthday whilst we were there.  Plus of course now the girls are at school it wasn't so easy to spend time with my little Maisie, but thank goodness we had a lovely time playing after school one day. It was lovely to kiss them all goodbye knowing I would be back again very soon.

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Tanya said...

LOL Lorna you are a little jet setter. With our first Grandchild due soon, the airmiles will be building up this year!