Sunday, January 11, 2015

Celebrating Little Jaxon's First Birthday

Before I knew it I was back on that train to Malaga and dashing back to the UK.  It was going to be little Jaxon's birthday.  I'm not sure I ever remember a year flying by so rapidy! This time Mark was away working in Liverpool, so no luxury drive down to Brighton, the good ole train it was. Frankie knew I was on the way, but had burnt the dinner, bless her, so she picked me up from the station and we popped to the shops to enable me to chose my own pizza... and yummy it was too!

Pretty Christmas Tree at Malaga Station

This was a real flying visit, as I only had three whole days with the family, so I had to treasure every precious moment. Poor little Jaxon was suffering from a slight tummy bug, as were I think most other people in  the UK.  A couple of nights prior to my visit he had been sick numerous times  during the night.  My Frankie is like me and not good with 'sick' but luckily nothing phases Jordan her partner, so she had some help.  Poor little Jax also has a floppy larynx and reflux so he struggles with tummy pain and sickness as it is.

The following morning was Jax 's first birthday and of course another school run, after which Frankie and I popped into town to get Jax's birthday present from Alan and I.  I was open to options and when she mentioned that he needed his first pair of shoes, I jumped at the chance to get him something useful. As we got into town however, he fell asleep... "Ohhh let's have a  hot chocolate and relax first whilst we can" I said to Frankie. No sooner had we drunk the gorgeous hot choc, yes with cream and marshmallows, it has to be done sometimes, and Jax was awake. Time to head for Clarks.  He was star and was happy to have his big fat feet measured, admire himself in the mirror and try some shoes on.  The new shoes were decided on and were packed up and paid for, and we managed a few more shops until His Lordship started complaining, tyical man, so off we went home again.

I timed the trip well as that afternoon was Kaci's first school nativity play and I was going to be able to watch it. It was one of those moments that made me wonder where have the last 20 years have gone. It seemed like no time at all I was watching  Mark and Frankie's nativities. I was a very proud nanny Lorna watching Kaci singing away on the odd occasion  but spending most of the time seeing the back of her head, as the person behind her seemed to be so much more interesting than her audience.  It was lovely to see Chris, Kaci's dad there too as he had managed to take the time of work. During the evening Jordan's mum  and dad came over too and we chatted and all enjoyed some chocolate birthday cake which Kaci had chosen.  It was all pretty low key sadly as Frankie didn't want to pass any germs round.

The following day was possibly one of the best days I can remember for a very long time. Kaci hadn't seen her little cousin Maisie for a few months, what with the girls starting school and one thing and another.  We had arranged to secretly pick Maisie up, we were all going to spend a lovely day together. The girls were so happy to see each other and walked hand in hand like little twins, in their matching coats, and cuddled lots too.  It made my heart melt! First stop was Funplex, where the girls could run around and have loads of fun together and Jaxon could sit in a little play area and throw balls around until his heart was content!

The sun came out to play and so our next stop was Brighton Pier, a real favourite of mine. The girls had an absolute blast going on all the rides and we met up with our great friend Micklos who is the DJ on the pier.  Micklos was one of my fab dance teachers that used to work with me. He has such a huge personality, all the kids loved him.  If you are ever on the pier in Brighton, look out for him, he's near the helter skelter!

Our pal Micklos

My precious girls

Next on the list was something I had been planning for ages.  I decided not to buy the girls a main Christmas present this year and to take them to their first pantomime instead.  I had booked for Frankie and I and the girls to see Jack Frost's Frozen Christmas at the Pier Pavilion in Worthing.  It was a new style panto about how Jack Frost was out to destroy Santa Claus and  Christmas. Kaci and Maisie had no idea what to expect and their little faces were a picture.  They soon got the hang of booing and cheering along with the rest of the audience, bless them.  In the interval little Maisie shed a few tears as she told me she really really didn't like Jack Frost, but thankfully she  believed me when I said that the good guys always win in the end, and not to worry.  Sure enough Jack Frost turned into a good guy and that was Maisie's favourite part of the panto, and she cheered her little heart out! During the finale the 'snow' fell from the ceiling and I  somehow managed to stop myself from being a blubbering wreck but I did struggle to fight back the tears watching their little faces.  It was an   evening I'll never forget.

On Sunday poor little Jax still wasn't feeling 100% and neither was Jordan, Jaxon's daddy the day before, so I decided to take Kaci into Brighton for some last minute Christmas shoppping and she was an absolute star.  We had a treat of a hot  chocolate and she chose a boring ole cheese sandwich but luckily some shortbread fingers for us to share too.  We spent most of the day in town and I think I wore her out, bless her heart.

  Kaci fell asleep on the bus

Mark and Laura came over later that evening, the only time I had managed to see Mark as he had been on an exciting job in Liverpool.  He works as a detaining officer and a lot of extra man power had be sent to a Liverpool prison due to an incident up there. It was lovely to see them if only for such a short time.

The following morning I was up early, I had an earlier than usual plane to catch, I was a little concerned as I didn't feel 100% so unlike me I decided to skip breakfast and head off for a gentle stroll of about 20 minutes to the train station, it felt good to get some fresh air.  On arriving the direct train I had spotted on t'internet was delayed and nowhere near, so I was advised to get a train into Brighton where I had the chance of more trains to Gatwick. The train was full of commuters doing their daily trip to work, and due to signal failures and delays plus cancellations of other trains, the one I had to get was heaving.  I managed to squeeze in with my  cabin luggage and wedged myself in the corner by the door.  The doors shut and we were off, it was a short journey of possibly not much more than 10 minutes.

As the journey began I started to feel extremely hot and uncomfortable.  I didn't have any room to take my coat off and there was definitely no where to sit apart from in the first class carriage  next to me. A few minutes later and I had that awful feeling that I was going to be sick.  What do you do in that situation as an adult? As a child you can get away with throwing up down your coat and everyone feels sorry for you, and even more so whoever has to clean you up, but I'm an adult, it wasn't an option!

I was getting hotter and feeling so sick, I was aware that I was breathing deeply, slowly in and out, hoping it would pass.  The next thing I knew, a very tall. smart gentleman was helping me up.  I had fainted. However, luckily the train was so crowded I didn't land on the floor, I simply slid down the wall. Being a typical Brit I remember apologising and confirming to everyone that I was fine, when seconds later I faintly heard some 'ooohs' and  'ahhhs' and I was being helped up again.  The kind, tall smart man insisted I sat in the first class  carriage, which was empty, for the rest of the journey.  We were in fact just pulling into Brighton station.  He told me to stay there as he wanted to get someone to check me over.

I did stay there, but only for a couple of minutes.  I was cold and clammy and felt pretty poorly, but I knew I would feel better when I got off the train and had some fresh air. I found the toilet and freshened up and splashed some water on my face and set off on what I hoped would be a much less eventful part of the journey.  Thankfully it was! I managed to get a seat but low and behold 10 minutes before we were due to  stop at Gatwick, the driver announced over the tannoy that a bird had hit his windscreen and smashed it, and he didn't feel it safe to continue the journey.  We stopped at the next station, and all had to change trains.  Finally I made in to Gatwick Airport.  The earlier flight however meant I had no time to spare and rushed to get myself a bottle of lucozade for the  flight.  I couldn't wait to land at Malaga and luckily Alan was going to be there to meet me this time, as he had brought friends down that were flying to Gatwick.  I had a young  couple beside me on the flight, so I leant against the window and hoped to sleep as much as possible.

Once I get on a flight I rarely move.  I don't like travelling, I feel motion sickness very easily.  When I'm in a car, I just need to look down  at something  and I go all of a wobble. I am certainly more used to flying, I used to hate it, and would be very scared of feeling sick on the flight but I seem to be better these days.  However the awful feeling returned. I knew I had to get to one of the few toilets on the plane and sods law it was engaged. I wanted to be on my own, I felt so bad but the stewardess asked me to wait back out in the main part of the plane as she was getting trolleys ready for something.  God I felt awful, when was this lady going to come out! I stood with my head against the partition, it was cool and it felt good.  Luckily possibly only a minute passed and the toilet was vacant, otherwise I think I may have fainted again... what a nightmare.  I managed to splash some water on my face and cool myself  down, compose myself and hope to sleep the rest of the journey.  Luckily I did and before we knew it we were  coming into land. Oh my word it was good to see Alan, and even better to be home.  Shame it wasn't a great ending to the most magical long weekend!

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