Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mark & Callie's visit

When Mark came over I had a wonderful time, it was a post Christmas visit. We had such a great time swapping Christmas presents etc. We had also arranged that Mark would do some work with Nigel, whilst he was here, and his gf was happy to get stuck in too. Mark was working mainly in the casita, doing carpentry work, he also did some rendering in the bottom apartment and also some work on the land.  In actual fact in the nine days Mark and his gf were with us they only had one day off, when we went swimming pool hunting again. The weather here unfortunately was dreadful. Poor things, they had only one and a half decent days, good job they were working their little socks off.  Good job, or it would have been very boring for them.

I love this photo of Mark and Blue

Arthur decided he would have a cuddle

We had a lovely trip down to Ronda to see our good friends Nigel and Ginny, and spend some time with the alpacas. It was rather a flying visit, but we spent a lovely couple of hours with them. Sadly Bermuda did not 'spit off' which meant she was not pregnant, therefore they mated her with Capone, one of their studs whilst we were there also.

Mark and his gf in Ronda
With the babies
I feel a Barry White track coming on...

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