Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our poor little Geri

We were all very excited to see Mark and his gf, they had not been over here since my birthday in October, and that was only for three days. I guess Geri was even more excited than we realised, and when she saw Mark, she just ran around the little courtyard like a mad thing. She ran up and down stairs to the top apartment in pure excitement,where we are living at the moment, when suddenly she cried out in pain. Her back left leg just hung lifeless, and I just knew she had really hurt herself. We decided to leave her to rest until the morning and she how she was, however the following morning she was still the same. She was fine in herself, but hopped everywhere, it was quicker that way!

We took her to Andres our lovely vet, and as soon as he saw her move he had a anxious look on his face. He explained he thought she had completely torn her cruciate ligament. He suggested we take her to an orthopaedic vet in Cordoba where they would x ray her, and discuss an operation. I was so shocked I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, and Geri and I wandered about not looking at Andres, although he knows I’m a big softy by now. He arranged for us to go two days later. We found the vets surgery and were immediately greeted by a lovely man, who spoke no English, and as we always say, why should he? Between us we got by, and he thought my demonstration of Geri running up the stairs then crying in pain was 'perfecto!' Eventually out came a young lady who spoke a bit of English, so we were relieved. He agreed with Andres's diagnoses regarding Geri, and told me to feel her knee whist he moved the bones……….. argh! Well like us, Geri has put on a little weight, so with her being ten years old, he would like to give her some time, to see if she could possibly adjust to life with the way it is. We have to go back in the beginning of February for another consultation. If he feels she has improved, he will then give it another three months, otherwise it will be an operation. He feels though, that it maybe better for her to heal, and recover sufficiently on her own, as she is not an extremely active dog, and of course her age.

Well it is nearly time to go back for her next consultation and we feel quite positive. Geri has certainly improved and is trying to put some weight on it. If she wants to get somewhere fast e.g. to the food she hops at top speed, bless her!

I know we should not compare, but the vets seem rather different here. For a start we are paying only a fraction of the cost back we would pay in England, but their sympathetic attitude towards the animals is second to none. Every nurse that walked passed Geri stroked her and spoke to her, and the vets take time to bend down and talk to the animals before and after they examine them, (who knows maybe Geri understands Spanish). I am not saying the vets skills are better, but I do feel they have a more caring way with the animals. Maybe we have just been very lucky!


Geri with her new best friend Carlos

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