Thursday, November 5, 2009

Geri gets discharged - AUGUST

Our poor Geri had her cruciate ligament operation, around three months ago. I'm sure you have all heard me rattle on about the fantastic vetinary care here in Cordoba city. It is of course just our comparisons to living in the Brighton area. Don't get me wrong I cannot fault our vetinary care in Brighton, however it is completely different here. Our own town vet Andres is a truly lovely man, who explains everything so carefully to us. I guess as we do injections, take temperatures etc he feels maybe we know more than we do. He is extremely caring. When you attend his surgery, the first thing he does is bend down and make a fuss of the animal, he then talks to us, and continues to be as caring whilst dealing we the animal, talking to them etc. When the treatment is finished he again turns his attention to the animal. His face lights up when he asks about the alpacas, or Galaxy the baby alpaca. We feel so lucky to have him as our local vet.

We had to take Geri to Xavier, the orthopaedic vetinary surgeon in Cordoba for her operation. Prior to the operation we saw him weekly, then after the operation too. This gradually reduced to every two weeks, and finally once a month. At the end of August Xavier was happy to discharge Geri. At the end of her appointments Geri would go to the cupboard when she knew he kept the doggy treats!

Geri with Xavier, getting her treat!

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