Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The pleasures of summer, and poor Carlos!

By the time August arrived, we were exhausted with all the work we had done, and we took great advantage of resting. We were lucky enough to have lovely guests at times throughout the month, and when we do, we like to give them as much privacy as possible. During the times we had no guests we chilled a lot, even watching daytime TV, oooooh it was lovely! We spent time by the pool, reading and relaxing, although to be perfectly honest it is too hot to be outside very much.

Carlos likes to do a little bit of wasp catching, especially when they are buzzing around the water bowls. We took a look at him one day and he had been stung quite badly on his mouth. This has actually happened a couple of times since and we now have an injection just in case his tongue or throat swelled.  Poor little guy!

Carlos with his poor swollen face!

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