Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Eve and a baby is born? BIRTH SHOTS!

Christmas is a difficult time for me. I know many others are having far worse times in their lives, but I only have a very small family and we would not be together, so Alan and I were going to try and make the most of things. It had been an emotional time. We had lost a baby alpaca, and Mark, Callie, Chris and Frankie and my beautiful granddaughter were all thousands of miles away. We were relaxing watching television as a Christmas treat, as the generator has to be on, if the weather is not good. The weather had been awful, raining non stop for days. The paddock was thick mud, and the alpacas were filthy dirty and miserable, as were we! Bermuda the alpaca was due to give birth mid January, so we were already on tenterhooks, checking her regularly. Alan popped round to the paddock around 3.30 to check on her. Alpacas rarely give birth in the afternoon, so I was gobsmacked when Alan bellowed "Bermuda's having the baby!" I rushed out with camera, and towel in hand, grabbing the antiseptic spray for the cord, on route. To be amazed with the wonderful miracle of birth taking place!

My first view, a little white head!

A little further on!

The baby is born, soaking wet mud all around

We decided as it was so very muddy as the rain was just continuous that we would move the alpacas to an indoor stable. It's is a smaller outdoor area, but at least the cria and mum would be dry! So I picked up the cria and of course the alpacas all followed, then we could watch and hope all was well!

Settled in the warm dry stable

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